Ty Cobb Baseball Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Most Valuable Ty Cobb Baseball Cards

Ty Cobb in batting stance playing baseballWhen I think of pre-War baseball cards I instantly think of Ty Cobb baseball cards.

To me, he represents that segment of the hobby better than any other player.

Sure, the T206 Honus Wagner may be the most expensive pre-War card.

And Babe Ruth cards may be the most sought-after pre-War cards.

But Ty Cobb cards are consistently atop the list of key cards of all the key pre-War sets.

And they themselves aren’t cheap either. Just look at our list of most valuable baseball cards and you’ll see his cards all over it.

So, in honor of the legendary Detroit Tiger, I’ve developed this list of the most important Ty Cobb cards you can collect. Let’s jump right in…

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1986 Topps Jerry Rice Rookie Card: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

1986 Topps Jerry Rice Rookie Card Collectors Guide

Owning a Jerry Rice rookie card has always been a goal of mine for one simple reason:

he was the greatest wide receiver of all-time. Maybe even the greatest overall player of all-time.

Rice was one of my childhood idols.

I loved watching him play. He was electric and clearly dominant at his position.

He still holds the NFL record for most receiving yards, most receiving touchdowns, and most receptions. Among many other records...

His performances skyrocketed his popularity and so his rookie card remains one of the most popular football cards in the hobby.

Rice's rookie is not only a key to the 1986 Topps set but it's one of the most valuable football cards of all-time.

That said, here is a comprehensive guide that covers the key things you should know before you buy.

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1969 Topps Reggie Jackson Rookie Card: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

1969 Topps Reggie Jackson Rookie Card Collectors Guide

The 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson rookie card is one of the all-time great vintage cards of the 1960's.

The way that Topps displayed the young Jackson with the bright blue sky in the background gives this card unforgettable eye appeal...

Jackson looks so calm you'd have no idea that he'd go down as one of the game's most feared power hitters of all-time.

And since his rookie card is the last great rookie card of the 1960's, it's always been a personal favorite of mine.

In this guide we'll discuss everything you need to know about collecting Reggie Jackson rookie cards.

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Ted Williams Baseball Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Most Valuable Ted Williams Baseball Cards

Ted Williams baseball cards are some of the most unique in the hobby, in my opinion.

The timing of his career allowed for something special that you don't see with most Hall of Famers:

He would appear on some of the most iconic pre-War and post-War issues.

But at the same time, he'd be left out of key sets, too.

Like the 1952 Topps set, for example...it's probably the most glaring omission of Ted Williams.

We'll get into the details behind many of the ins and outs of Ted Williams cards in this guide.

So let's jump right in and take a look at some of the most important Ted Williams cards you can collect.

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