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How I Can Help You

I've bought and sold sports cards for over 30 years and if there's one thing I've learned it's this: there's a right and wrong way to sell every collection.

Depending on what you're selling and what your selling goals are, I can help guide you towards the best option for you.

Typically, the factors that determine which sales option is best for you are:

  • Whether your'e selling vintage or modern cards
  • Whether your cards have been professionally graded or not
  • The quantity and condition of your cards
  • If you need to sell quickly or can you afford to wait and maximize sales prices

If this sounds like the guidance you need then please take a look at the following services I can offer you:

Ross Uitts
Ross Uitts - Owner

How to Sell Your Sports Cards for Top Dollar

In this downloadable PDF guide I explain everything I've learned over 30 years of buying and selling sports cards.

You will learn:

  • Whether you should consign your cards to auction and how the process works
  • Whether you should sell your cards to a private buyer/dealer and how to find them
  • How to know you're working with a trustworthy auction house or buyer/dealer no matter which route you decide

Knowing the pros and cons of each route can save you time and money.

Just $9

Schedule a Consultation for More Advice

If you'd like to schedule a personal 30 minute phone call to go over any questions you have about how to sell your collection, let's make it happen.

I've given advice to hundreds of other sellers like you and will be happy to help answer any specific questions you may have.

My goal is to make sure you have no doubts that you are making the best decision for your needs.

What Others Have to Say:

Collector selling baseball cards

“Ross was more than helpful in navigating me to the best options for grading and selling my cards."

“I am an original owner of a 1968 Milton Bradley  game called "Win A Card", with several desirable cards including the #177 Nolan Ryan rookie card. Wanting to sell these cards, but with no real world experience, I looked to the internet for help. Like most any topic on the internet, I found a lot of opinions, but not necessarily a lot a
credibility...until I came across Ross' wonderful article about the Nolan Ryan #177 card. It is by far the most detailed, precise information on this card to be found anywhere. Ross was more than helpful in navigating me to the best options for grading and selling my cards. I trust his opinion fully! Something not easily found on the internet these days!

Mark Otterbourg

Jacksonville, FL

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