Ross and Sofia UittsWelcome to Old Sports Cards!

That’s me with my daughter Sofia Marie, fellow Dodger fanatic and co-owner of this site and my Sandy Koufax baseball card collection.

I’ve collected sports cards ever since I was a kid and decided one day to take my love of the hobby a bit further by starting this website.

My main goal is to provide as much information and resources about specific cards, sets, shows and other hobby-related topics to help out fellow collectors.

There is so much information scattered across the internet–I’m trying to consolidate some of it in one place.

I’ll also provide whatever buying and selling tips I come across or have learned over 20 years as a collector.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions you may have.

Whether it’s information or research you’re looking for, you want to know where to buy or sell your collection, or any other question, I’ll be happy to help as best as I can!

– Ross