Nolan Ryan Baseball Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Nolan Ryan Baseball Cards Collectors Guide

If there's one thing that quickly stands out about Nolan Ryan baseball cards it's this:

there are a ton of them to collect.

But, it's easy to understand why...

Ryan captivated the hearts of endless amounts of fans over with his incredible velocity and strikeout power.

And he did so over a career that spanned across four different decades.

Incredible popularity over a very long career will obviously result in countless amounts of baseball cards to collect...

However, there are some Ryan cards that standout more than others.

And in this guide we'll look at his best mainstream cards and some of my favorite oddball issues as well.

Let's jump right in!

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12 Most Valuable Tom Brady Rookie Cards

Most Valuable Tom Brady Rookie Cards Collectors Guide

I may very well have thrown away a Tom Brady rookie card or two at one point...

Why would I do such a thing?

Growing up in central Indiana, my grandparents took me to tons of Purdue football games.

And while Michigan used to (and still does) routinely pound on Purdue, I don't even remember much about Tom Brady's days at Michigan.

That's all because I was hyper-aware of who Drew Brees was around that same time since he was leading Purdue to many NCAA records and lots of rare Purdue football wins.

And then we all know the story of Brady being a sixth-round pick and becoming Drew Bledsoe's back-up until Mo Lewis's monster hit on Bledsoe made Brady the starter.

Long story short, like many at the time, I just had no idea who Tom Brady would one day become.

But, because of his legacy and all those championships, Tom Brady's rookie cards are some of the most expensive in the hobby.

And in this guide, we look at his 12 most valuable.

Let's jump right in...

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10 Most Valuable 1962 Topps Baseball Cards

10 Most Valuable 1962 Topps Baseball Cards

Whether you love or hate the 1962 Topps baseball card set, there is one thing you cannot argue:

They are instantly recognizable due to those woodgrain borders.

Many collectors love this set.

Many hate it.

And it all has to do with those wood grain borders which were an unusual design choice and condition nightmare as they easily show wear and tear.

Regardless of which side you’re on, this set does pack some incredible star power and a couple of decent rookie cards.

And in this guide, I walk through which are the ten most valuable.

 Let’s jump right in!
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10 Most Valuable 1988 Donruss Baseball Cards

Unopened Original Box of 1988 Donruss Baseball CardsFor some reason, I feel like I shouldn’t like 1988 Donruss baseball cards…

Their design wasn’t the greatest.

The rookie cards weren’t as great as other sets from the 1980’s.

But I just can’t help it…

I loved this set as a kid and it still brings many fond memories to me to this  day.

The set contained 660 cards in total, offered several subsets and even a 63-piece Stan Musial puzzle that kept you busy trying to assemble with pieces of it randomly inserted into packs.

While it may not be the best set of the 1980’s, there’s no question it has its place in the history of the “junk era”.

And in this guide, I will cover the 10 most valuable 1988 Donruss cards that some collectors still enjoy pursuing in high grade today.

Let’s jump right in…

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