Wade Boggs Rookie Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Wade Boggs Rookie Card Collectors Guide

For years, Wade Boggs rookie cards seemed to fly under the radar.

They weren't considered vintage (pre-1980 by most collectors' standards).

And they weren't considered as "junky" as some of the massively overproduced cards of the late 1980s.

They were somewhere in between and were often overlooked.

But things have certainly changed with the resurgence in popularity of key rookie cards of the 1980s.

As a result, Boggs rookies have seen a healthy uptick in attention and value.

His Topps rookie can sell well above $1,000 in top grade...something that used to be unthinkable.

It appears finally that Boggs's rookie cards are getting the attention they deserve.

And this guide, I take a detailed look at each of them one by one.

Let's jump right in!

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13 Most Valuable 1972 Topps Football Cards

Most Valuable 1972 Topps Football Cards

When I stop and think about the 1972 Topps football card set, a few things always instantly come to mind:

  • great color and design
  • lots of star power
  • several Hall of Fame rookie cards

This set would mark the last time Topps printed a football card set in multiple series, adding a nice bit of hobby trivia to the mix.

For all these reasons, this is easily one of my personal favorite vintage football sets. 

And in this guide, I'll run through the 13 most valuable.

Let's jump right in!

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12 Most Valuable 1991 Leaf Baseball Cards

Unopened Box of 1991 Leaf Baseball CardsOne of the most anticipated sets of its time, 1991 Leaf baseball cards had the hobby on edge as collectors eagerly awaited the product to hit store shelves.

And for a good reason…

Leaf had raised plenty of eyebrows with its breakout 1990 set the year before, upping the standard for card quality and design.

While the encore certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of eye appeal, the one drawback is its lack of notable rookie cards, something its predecessor is well known for.

But, there is still plenty of star power and nostalgia within its checklist to keep things interesting.

And in this guide, we’ll take a look at the 12 most valuable.

Let’s jump right in…

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15 Most Valuable 1991 NBA Hoops Cards

Unopened Box of 1991 NBA Hoops Basketball Cards

Often overlooked in the hobby these days, 1991 NBA Hoops cards still pack a heavy nostalgic punch.

To fully appreciate them, you have to remember that they hit store shelves at a pivotal time in NBA history.

Michael Jordan had just won his first NBA Championship and the U.S. Olympic Team was poised to dominate the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona…

Those two things helped propel basketball to a whole new level on the world stage and these cards helped spread the popularity even more.

And in this guide, we look at the 15 most valuable.

Let’s get started!

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