How to Sell Your Sports Cards for Top Dollar

It's not always clear which is the best route to take when selling  your sports cards...

Who do you trust?

How do you know you're getting a good deal?

Should you auction them or sell directly to a buyer?

Where do you even start?

Don't worry...

In this downloadable PDF guide,  I walk you through that decision step-by-step based on my 30+ years of buying and selling sports cards.

You'll discover everything you need to know to make the right decision that's best for you.

In this guide you will learn:

  • Whether you should consign your cards to auction and how the process works
  • How much you can expect to earn if you auction your cards
  • Whether you should sell your cards to a private buyer/dealer and how to find them
  • How much you can expect to earn if you sell directly to a buyer/dealer
  • How to know you're working with a trustworthy auction house or buyer/dealer no matter which route you decide
  • How to get additional help from me if you need it

Knowing the pros and cons of each selling option will save you time and money.

So, if you're ready to order, click the button below to be taken to a checkout page where you can finish your transaction.

Ross Uitts

Ross is the founder of Old Sports Cards and has been collecting sports cards for over 30 years. He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website. Need help buying or selling cards or have a general question about the hobby? Contact him at [email protected]