Where To Buy Sports Cards


Huge selection of sports cards for sale and very safe


Most popular option among collectors

Online Sports Auctions

There are many online auction options

Where To Have Your Cards Professionally Graded


The most popular option for modern collectors

Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA)

The most popular option for vintage collectors

Sports Card Guaranty (SGC)

Popular with vintage collectors, great for tobacco cards

Where To Check Sports Card Prices And Values


This is a trading card scanner and price guide app that allows you to easily identify and track the value of your collection

ludex image

Vintage Card Prices

A great resource that aggregates recent sale prices of graded cards from eBay and other top auction sites

Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA) SMR Price Guide

A decent option for PSA-graded cards but I use it more to get a rough estimate as recent market prices can be much different

Where To Insure Your Sports Cards

Antiques & Collectibles Insurance Group

You never want to experience your prized collection being stolen or damaged and these folks can help ensure peace of mind with their excellent coverage options--something that isn't easy to find in this hobby

Sports Card Shows

National Sports Collectors Convention

The granddaddy of all sports card shows held annually

RK Sports Promotions

Promoter of several shows on the East Coast

Tampa Card Show

Large monthly show with top dealers from all over Florida

Greater Boston Sports Collectors Club

Huge show with dealers from all over New England