18 Most Valuable Shaq Rookie Cards

Most Valuable Shaq Rookie Cards

Back in the day, nearly every kid I knew was going absolutely crazy trying to get his hands on any Shaq rookie card he could find...

Shaq's popularity was absolutely through the roof!

And how could it not be?

His size and power were unprecedented.

He was breaking backboards in college at LSU and even brought down the entire backboard a couple of times in the NBA.

Shaq was nearly unstoppable...

And it was so fun to watch that dominant Lakers run when he teamed up with Kobe Bryant.

His dominance on the court left a legacy as one of the greatest players of all-time.

There are many different Shaq rookies and inserts and in the following list, well take a look at some of the keys.

Let's jump right in...

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10 Most Valuable 1990 Score Baseball Cards

Sealed Box of 1990 Score Baseball Cards With Howard Johnson on FrontMost collectors don’t think twice about 1990 Score baseball cards but they will always be special to me…

I really liked collecting this set as a kid.

The design was colorful but respectable.

There were plenty of draft picks and rookie cards to chase.

And what kid didn’t like those little, holographic trivia cards that were inserted into every pack?

I used to love expanding my knowledge about significant baseball milestones and achievements by reading those things.

And while many cards in this set aren’t worth anything, there are some that still do stick out in terms of value.

In this list, I take a look at the top ten most valuable today.

Let’s jump right in…

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10 Most Valuable Bo Jackson Baseball Cards

Most Valuable Bo Jackson Baseball Cards

After you read through this list, you might be shocked at how much some Bo Jackson baseball cards are worth...

Some are worth thousands of dollars.

But, remember how popular Bo Jackson was during the late 1980s?

Nike had their "Bo Knows" advertising campaign running everywhere.

And every kid who played Tecmo Bowl for Nintendo wanted to be the Raiders because Jackson was so unbelievably dominant.

Jackson was extremely popular with kids of that era and now those kids are grown adults with money looking to satisfy their nostalgic collecting needs.

That's why some of Jackson's cards can be worth so much.

And in this guide I look through his 10 most expensive cards.

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1970 Topps Pete Maravich Rookie Card: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

1970 Topps Pete Maravich Rookie Card

The 1970 Topps Pete Maravich rookie card is one of the most recognizable rookie cards in the hobby.

And it's also one of the most valuable...

"Pistol Pete" left a legacy like no other as perhaps the game's most creative player of all-time.

His ball handling and passing skills mixed with uncanny court awareness allowed Maravich to become a human highlight reel on the hardwood.

Maravich's popularity and legacy have led to his rookie card being one of the most highly sought after in the hobby.

And in this guide, I cover everything you need to know about this iconic card.

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