10 Most Valuable 1985 Topps Baseball Cards

Most Valuable 1985 Topps Baseball Cards

When I look back at the 1985 Topps baseball card set, I have mixed feelings.

There are some fantastic rookie cards to chase and plenty of star power.

But, the set almost seems to be a collection of "what might have been" stories...

Scandal caught up with Clemens and McGwire.

Drugs and alcohol caught up with Gooden and Strawberry.

Injuries caught up to Mattingly and Davis.

Don't get me wrong, there are many positive vibes to this set and it's packed with plenty of Hall of Famers.

It's just that there could have been even more Hall of Famers packed within.

Regardless, the set has held up well over time and remains quite popular in the baseball card community.

And in this guide, I'll run through the ten most valuable.

Let's jump right in!

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13 Most Valuable 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Cards

Unopened Box of 1991 Upper Deck Baseball CardsDuring the company’s third year in the market, 1991 Upper Deck baseball cards left collectors salivating for another set of cards with premium imagery.

They also included some of the first autograph cards to make things even more interesting.

Upper Deck invited us to “Find the Nolan” via randomly inserted Nolan Ryan autograph cards in their low series boxes and also included Hank Aaron autograph cards in high series boxes.

Those chase cards, along with all of the other great rookies and stars of the day made collectors more than willing to go through pack after pack in search of cardboard gold.

Sadly, while many in the set don’t have any value these days, there are still some that can be worth a respectable amount in high grade.

And in this guide, I’ll run through the thirteen most valuable to look for.

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Roger Clemens Rookie Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Roger Clemens Rookie Cards Collectors Guide

When I was a kid collecting during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Roger Clemens rookie cards were always among the top of my want list.

It all started in elementary school when I read a short biography on Clemens in which his mother stated she knew he would be a big league star when he struck out three consecutive batters with nine pitches as a Little Leaguer.

And I'd later learn that's what's known as an "immaculate inning" in baseball.

But from that moment, I was in awe of his overpowering pitching ability...

His velocity, his splitter, and his tenacity on the mound were something to watch despite the controversy that surrounded him later in his career.

And this guide I take a look back at his rookie cards in detail one by one.

Let's get started!

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9 Most Valuable Allen Iverson Rookie Cards

9 Most Valuable Allen Iverson Rookie Cards

Because of his unique style and offensive wizardry, Allen Iverson rookie cards are some of the most valuable basketball cards produced during the mid-90s.

And whether you love him or hate him, those offensive skills are exactly what made him so popular...

What he lacked in size he made up for with incredible quickness and his signature crossover move that was nearly impossible to defend.

Even during his college days at Georgetown, it was clear that he was going to be a big star in the NBA.

And the hype surrounding his transition to the NBA resulted in different manufacturers producing countless amounts of Iverson rookies.

Much like his playing style, many of his rookie cards are nothing less than flashy.

There are so many great designs on this list as you'll soon see...

Let's jump right in...

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