1984 Topps John Elway Rookie Card: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

1984 Topps John Elway Rookie Card Collectors Guide

Growing up as a kid in Indiana in the late 80's, I remember the 1984 Topps John Elway rookie card wasn't too popular in the area.

Fans were still ticked off that he'd dodged Indy to play for the Denver Broncos.

But Elway went on to an amazing career in Denver anyway.

And nowadays his rookie card is extremely popular with collectors everywhere. Nine Pro Bowls and two Super Bowls goes a long way in boosting your popularity.

Elway's rookie is not one of the most valuable football cards but it is a key to the 1984 Topps set and one of the most popular football cards in the hobby.

That said, here is a comprehensive guide that covers the key things you should know before you buy.

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Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards Collectors Guide

There is a common misconception in the baseball card hobby about the Mickey Mantle rookie card...

Usually it's his iconic 1952 Topps card that comes to mind.

But the 1951 Bowman is actually his official rookie card, albeit less popular and less valuable than its 1952 Topps counterpart.

Make no mistake, collectors go crazy for both cards. No doubt about it.

So much so that both are ranked high on the list of the most valuable baseball cards in the hobby.

For that reason I'm going to talk about both of them. But it's important to understand the key differences between the two.

This guide takes an in-depth look at each card to give you the details about what to know when hunting for a Mickey Mantle rookie.

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24 Best Roberto Clemente Baseball Cards: The Ultimate Collectors Guide

Most Valuable Roberto Clemente Baseball Cards

Those in the market for Roberto Clemente baseball cards know one thing is for certain:

they aren't cheap.

He was one of the most productive players on the field.

But, he was also extremely selfless and giving off the field.

So much so that an award is given each year to the player who best exemplifies Clemente's character.

That reputation allowed him to win the hearts of many fans.

And that puts his baseball cards in very high demand.

In this guide we'll take a crack at breaking down everything you need to know about Roberto Clemente cards.

Let's jump right in!

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24 Hank Aaron Baseball Cards For Serious Collectors

Most Valuable Hank Aaron Baseball Cards

If you collect Hank Aaron baseball cards then you know just how special they are.

And for good reason:

He's one of the biggest names in baseball history.

"The Hammer" boasted amazing power that led him to eventually surpassing Babe Ruth's career home record finishing with 755 in total.

Along with players like Mantle, Clemente, Mays and Koufax, he's one of the biggest names in the post-war collecting circle.

His cards are keys to just about every set in which he was featured. Putting together a collection of his cards in high grade takes extreme patience and deep pockets.

Let's take a look at the most important Hank Aaron baseball cards in the hobby.

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