Best Baseball Blogs For Every Team In The Big Leagues

Best Baseball BlogsIf you’re a serious baseball fan then this guide to the best baseball blogs is for you.

Staying up-to-date on your favorite team is crucial to enjoying the season. 

And sure, you can read about your team on any number of major sports sites but I’m telling you there’s a better option:

Try following blogs written by the fans and local writers themselves!

Nowhere else will you get to witness the same passion that you have for your team than directly from other fans and writers. And these blogs give you exactly that: perspective, opinions and open discussion from fans just like you. 

This is a comprehensive list of the best blogs for each team in the Major Leagues.

To get started, simply click on your team’s name in the menu below to be taken directly to that team’s blog section. Have fun!


Arizona Diamondbacks Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1998

Nicknames: D-Backs, Backs, Snakes, Rattlesnakes

Stadium: Chase Field

World Series Titles: 1

Pennants: 1 (NL)

Division Titles: 5 (West)

Inside The Zona

Inside The Zona Baseball Blog Logo

Jeff Wiser and Ryan Morrison share their passion for the Arizona Diamondbacks on their blog, Inside the Zona where they analyze various aspects of the team and try hard to answer questions from fellow fans. They even have their own podcast, The Pool Shot, where they discuss different topics on a weekly basis. Neither are natives of Arizona but their dedication to covering the Diamondbacks is clear.

From where I stand, the Diamondbacks are the perfect team to chronicle. They have star players, there's been plenty of drama and the team has finally broken into a new era with Mike Hazen that has everyone hopeful again. The only problem is they might have to tear it all down before they're good again, but that's just another great angle to cover when looking at this team.

Jeff Wiser
Inside The 'Zona

Blog Network: ESPN

Inside The 'Zona Website: www.insdiethezona.com/

Follow Inside The 'Zona on Twitter: @InsidetheZona

Venom Strikes

Venom Strikes Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Website Blog Logo

Mark Brown and Joseph Jacquez team up to write about the Diamondbacks on Venom Strikes, a FanSided network blog. The duo strive hard to deliver detailed news and original content that Diamondbacks fans will enjoy and be able to discuss. Rumors, analysis, reports--you name it and you can find Mark and Joseph writing about it. If you're a Diamondbacks fan then make sure you follow this one.

Blog Network: FanSided

Venom Strikes Website: www.venomstrikes.com

Follow Venom Strikes on Twitter: @VenomStrikes

AZ Snake Pit

AZ Snake Pit Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Website Blog Logo

Led by Jim McLennan, the AZ Snake Pit blog is operated by a team of nine writers in total and covers the Arizona Diamondbacks from all angles. Aside from their regular posts, their daily "Snake Bytes" offer quick pieces of news and analysis to keep you up-to-date on what's happening with the team. Part of the SB Nation network, this is a fantasitc blog that will keep you informed throughout the season.

Blog Network: SB Nation

AZ Snake Pit Website: www.azsnakepit.com

Follow AZ Snake Pit on Twitter: @AZSnakePit

Atlanta Braves Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1871

Nicknames: Bravos, America's Team

Stadium: SunTrust Park

World Series Titles: 3

Pennants: 17 (NL)

Division Titles: 12 (East), 5 (West)

Atlanta Baseball Talk

Atlanta Baseball Talk Atlanta Braves Baseball Website Blog Logo

Atlanta Baseball Talk is both a website and podcast that provides Braves fans with two ways of getting team updates. Their team does an outstanding job of giving readers and listeners consistent coverage on all the latest Atlanta Braves news and rumors. This dual format is a great way for any Braves fan to keep updated so make sure you add it to your list to follow.

Atlanta Baseball Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to the Atlanta Braves. Hosted by three die-hard Braves fans, this podcast, in its 10th year provides an unbiased, fan's view of the team both on and off the field.

Steve Epstein
Atlanta Baseball Talk

Blog Network: Independent

Atlanta Baseball Talk Website: www.atlbaseballtalk.com

Follow Atlanta Baseball Talk on Twitter: @atlbaseballtalk

Follow Steve Epstein on Twitter: @ABTSteve

ATL Braves News

ATL Braves News Atlanta Braves Baseball Website Blog Logo

ATL Braves News offers readers and fans a large dosage of straightforward team news and notes that gets updated on an hourly basis. Yes, hourly. Most of the content is curated from other Atlanta Braves fan and news sites so you conveniently have it all in once place. Check back often for all the latest Braves details throughout the season.

Blog Network: Independent

ATL Braves News Website: www.atlbravesnews.com

Tomahawk Take

Tomahawk Take Atlanta Braves Baseball Website Blog Logo

Editors Jeff Schafer and Alan Carpenter lead a team of thirteen other contributors dedicated to bringing you the latest on all things concerning the Atlanta Braves. With such a large team, there's no shortage of original content for Braves fans on this FanSided blog. So many writers also means a wide variety of views and opinions for you to enjoy reading through.

Blog Network: FanSided

Tomahawk Take Website: www.tomahawktake.com

Follow Tomahawk Take on Twitter: @TomahawkTakeFS

Talking Chop

Talking Chop Atlanta Braves Baseball Website Blog Logo

One of my favorite parts of all these baseball blogs is the way they use a funny play on words to come up with their names. "Talking Chop" is a prime example and one of my favorites overall. Managers Demetrius Bell and Kris Willis lead a large team of Braves contributors on this SB Nation blog focused on keeping you informed on all things Atlanta Braves. Add this one to your list to stay up-to-date throughout the season. 

Blog Network: SB Nation

Talking Chop Website: www.talkingchop.com

Follow Talking Chop on Twitter: @TalkingChop

Baltimore Orioles Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1901

Nicknames: O's, Birds, Orange Birds

Stadium: Oriole Park at Camden Yards

World Series Titles: 3

Pennants: 7 (AL)

Division Titles: 9 (East)

Orioles Hangout

Orioles Hangout Baltimore Orioles Baseball Website Blog Logo

Tony Pente founded Orioles Hangout over twenty years ago back in 1996 and hasn't looked back since. Known throughout the Baltimore area as an expert on all things Orioles, Tony has laid out an outstanding blog for Baltimore fans. He and his team of writers provide exceptional reporting and analysis on everything you need to know as a fan. Make sure this one is on your list of Orioles blogs to read.

Blog Network: Independent

Orioles Hangout Website: www.orioleshangout.com

Follow Orioles Hangout on Twitter: @OriolesHangout

Birds Watcher

Birds Watcher Baltimore Orioles Baseball Website Blog Logo

Birdswatcher is a FanSided network blog that covers the Baltimore Orioles from all angles. You'll find lots of news, opinions and original content to keep you informed as a Birds fan. Check back often throughout the season for plenty of coverage to stay posted on your Baltimore Orioles. This is definitely an Orioles blog that you'll want to watch.

Blog Network: FanSided

Birds Watcher Website: www.birdswatcher.com

Follow Birds Watcher on Twitter: @BirdsWatcherFS

Camden Chat

The Camden Chat Baltimore Orioles Baseball Blog Website Logo

Mark Brown leads the Camden Chat team as its managing editor in bringing Orioles fans the latest news and analysis on their beloved team. For short news tidbits about the Birds, be sure to check out their daily "Bird Droppings" section to catch the highlights. As an SB Nation network blog, rest assured you'll be exposed to lots of original content on a daily basis to help get you through the season.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Camden Chat Website: www.camdenchat.com

Follow Camden Chat on Twitter: @CamdenChat

Boston Red Sox Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1901

Nicknames: BoSox, Sox, Crimson Hose, Olde Towne Team, Carmines

Stadium: Fenway Park

World Series Titles: 8

Pennants: 13 (AL)

Division Titles: 8 (East)

Fenway Nation

Fenway Nation Boston Red Sox Baseball Website Blog Logo

In 2000, Ernie Paicopolos and Ric Glaub created Fenway Nation as an outlet to talk Red Sox baseball with fellow fans. Since then they've added Mark Lawrence to the team and the trio continue to pump out great coverage and content. As a Red Sox fan, you'll find an enormous amount of news, analysis and opinion from fellow fans just like you. Make sure you add this one to your list.

At Fenway Nation, we try to deliver fresh, balanced and honest perspective on the Red Sox--cheerleading when appropriate, but harsh criticism when needed. Our worldwide audience demands no less.

Ernie Paicopolos

Blog Network: Independent

Fenway Nation Website: www.fenwaynation.com

Follow Fenway Nation on Twitter: @FenwayNation

Surviving Grady

Surviving Grady Boston Red Sox Website Blog Logo

Owners Red and Denton pair up to bring you this Red Sox blog that's got loads of personality. The humorous angle these guys take is instantly obvious when you check out their "About SG" section and see one of them giving not one, but two birds to a George Steinbrenner stand-up. They definitely keep it fun but also give fans lots of great Red Sox coverage so be sure to check this one out.

Blog Network: Independent

Surviving Grady Website: www.survivinggrady.com

Follow Surviving Grady on Twitter: @SurvivingGrady

Red Sox Life

Red Sox Life Boston Red Sox Baseball Website Blog Logo

Red Sox Life is a terrific fan blog maintained by a team of several different writers and loyal Sox fans. With that comes no shortage of great original content on all the latest team news, analysis and rumors. They're also very active on Twitter giving you yet another outlet to interact with these guys and share your love for the Sox. Red Sox fans will want to be sure and check back often for awesome coverage on the boys from Boston.

Blog Network: Independent

Red Sox Life Website: www.redsoxlife.com

Follow Red Sox Life on Twitter: @RedSoxLife

BoSox Injection

BoSox Injection Boston Redsox Baseball Website Blog Logo

This FanSided network blog is maintained by 17 different contributing writers so that means you'll get lots of content with lots of different opinions. That's a great thing to have as a Red Sox fan to keep you entertained and up-to-date on all the ins and outs of your favorite team. Boston fans are notoriously very passionate and it shows through with such a large contributing body to this Red Sox blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

BoSox Injection Website: www.bosoxinjection.com

Follow BoSox Injection on Twitter: @BoSoxInjection

Over The Monster

Over The Monster Boston Red Sox Website Blog Logo

Another great Boston Redsox blog is SB Nation's Over The Monster, a nice play on words of the famous left field wall of legendary Fenway Park. A small team of five led by Matt Collins pumps out as much Red Sox content as possible to help its readers and fans stay up-to-date on their team. Get all the latest news and analysis on the Red Sox right here all season long.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Over The Monster Website: www.overthemonster.com

Follow The Cub Reporter on Twitter: @OverTheMonster

Chicago Cubs Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1876

Nicknames: Cubbies, Baby Bears, Little Bears, Blue Bears, Loveable Losers, Northsiders, North Side Nine

Stadium: Wrigley Field

World Series Titles: 3

Pennants: 17 (NL)

Division Titles: 4 (Central), 2 (East)

The Cub Reporter


These guys have been "analyzing the Cubs to death since 2001". Their team of writers stays active year round covering everything you need to know about the Cubbies. Historical stats and information are also readily available if you need to look up something. Additionally, their active base of commenters and multiple contests keep things fresh and fun.

The best things about our blog are AZ Phil’s coverage for everything that goes on out there and his knowledge of the Cubs organization. It is unequaled, I have to say. I also think we have the best commenters, but I am biased.

Steven Michels (CTSteve)
The Cub Reporter

Blog Network: Independent

The Cub Reporter Website: www.thecubreporter.com/

Follow The Cub Reporter on Twitter: @thecubreporter

Chicago Cubs Online

Chicago Cubs Online

In operation since October 2005 as "A Site for the Cubs Faithful", owner Neil Finnell and fellow writers Brian McCabe and Tom Usiak work tirelessly to bring daily Cubs content. This independent blog is a great chance for loyal Chicago Cubs fans to read the team's coverage of Cubs news, analysis and rumors to stay informed. Definitely one to add to your list as a Cubs fan.

Chicago Cubs Online has been covering all things Chicago National League Ball Club since 2005. I started the site to provide Cubs fans with a place to read about and discuss their favorite team. The Cubs have been one of the most popular teams in the game for the last 30-plus years. At the time the site was launched, it found a place in the Cubs Blogosphere for reliable news and updates. I am proud of the work we've done over the years to supply the best fans in baseball information on the now World Series Champion Chicago Cubs.

Neil Finnell
Chicago Cubs Online

Blog Network: Independent

Chicago Cubs Online Website: www.chicagocubsonline.com/

Follow Chicago Cubs Online on Twitter: @TheCCO

Cubbies Crib

Cubbies Crib Chicago Cubs Baseball Website Blog Logo

This team of twelve writers keeps very busy bringing you several opinions on the latest news and rumors about the 2016 World Series winners from Wrigley Field. A FanSided network blog, rest assured you'll be exposed to daily original content on your beloved Cubbies. Follow them and their individual writers on Twitter for even more discussion.

Blog Network: FanSided

Cubbies Crib Website: www.cubbiescrib.com

Follow Cubbies Crib on Twitter: @CubbiesCrib

Bleed Cubbie Blue

Bleed Cubbie Blue Chicago Cubs Baseball Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's Cubs blog, Bleed Cubbie Blue, is operated by a team of ten writers focused on creating daily content for diehard Chicago Cubs fans. News, analysis, rumors, opinions--it's all here and more. Fresh off a 2016 World Series victory, the excitement in Chicago is hotter than ever so be sure to add this one to your list this season.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Bleed Cubbie Blue Website: www.bleedcubbieblue.com

Follow Bleed Cubbie Blue on Twitter: @bleedcubbieblue

Chicago White Sox Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1888

Nicknames: Sox, ChiSox, Southsiders, Pale Hose, Black and White

Stadium: Guaranteed Rate Field

World Series Titles: 3

Pennants: 6 (AL)

Division Titles: 3 (Central), 2 (West)

Grab Some Bench

Grab Some Bench Chicago White Sox Baseball Website Blog Logo

Founder Zachary Gropper knows exactly what we're talking about when it comes to fan blogs and why we created this post in the first place. Blogs like Grab Some Bench give fans an opportunity to hear about their teams directly from other fans. Thankfully for White Sox fans, Gropper's blog gives you just that:  all the latest news and opinion from a fellow fan you can handle.

Blog Network: Indepenent

Grab Some Bench Website: www.grabsomebench.com

Follow Grab Some Bench on Twitter: @Grab_Some_Bench

Southside Showdown

Southside Showdown Chicago White Sox Baseball Website Blog Logo

FanSided's Southside Showdown offers White Sox fans some great coverage on news and analysis about their boys from the South Side. The team's mix of five writers from all different backgrounds gives readers a great amount of different perspective to read about. You'll want to keep up-to-date with everything going on with the White Sox by following this blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

Southside Showdown Website: www.southsideshowdown.com

Follow Southside Showdown on Twitter: @SoxShowdown

South Side Sox

South Side Sox Chicago White Sox Baseball Website Blog Logo

Jim Margalus leads the South Side Sox team in bringing you all the latest updates and discussion about your Chicago White Sox. If you need even more content outside the blog then be sure to check out their podcast under the same name as well. There's no shortage of coverage here for you as a White Sox fan so be sure to check them out.

Blog Network: SB Nation

South Side Sox Website: www.southsidesox.com

Follow South Side Sox on Twitter: @SouthSideSox

Cincinnati Reds Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1881

Nicknames: Redlegs, Big Red Machine

Stadium: Great American Ball Park

World Series Titles: 5

Pennants: 9 (NL), 1 (AA)

Division Titles: 3 (Central), 7 (West)

Cincinnati Reds Blogs

Redleg Nation

Redleg Nation Cincinnati Reds Baseball Website Blog Logo

Steve Mancuso fell in love with the Big Red Machine and has been a Cincinnati Reds fan ever since. He began Redleg Nation in 2005 as an outlet to share his thoughts and opinions with other Reds fans and hasn't looked back. Mancuso's passion for the Reds is obvious and fans will love his coverage. He's even got a podcast under the same name for even more content for fans to enjoy. 

Blog Network: Independent

Redleg Nation Website: www.redlegnation.com

Follow Redleg Nation on Twitter: @redlegnation

Blog Red Machine

Blog Red Machine Cincinnati Reds Baseball Website Blog Logo

Another great play on words, the Blog Red Machine is a nice tip of the cap to the Big Red Machine, the dominant Reds teams of the 1970s. Nick Vorholt and Alex Angle pair up in working hard to bring Reds fans as much news and analysis as possible on this FanSided network blog. The NL Central will be busy this year so be sure to add this one to your list to stay tuned to how your Reds are doing.

Blog Network: FanSided

Blog Red Machine Website: www.blogredmachine.com

Follow Blog Red Machine on Twitter: @blogredmachine

Red Reporter

Red Reporter Cincinnati Reds Baseball Website Blog Logo

Manager Brandon Kraeling leads this large SB Nation blog team in bringing loyal Reds fans a daily dose of news and coverage of their team. A large staff means a large amount of opinions which is great for fans seeking to learn about their team from all angles. The Red Reporter is a great blog that any serious Reds fan should follow. They've got a podcast up and running that you should check out, too.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Red Reporter Website: www.redreporter.com

Follow Red Reporter on Twitter: @redreporter

Cleveland Indians Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1894

Nicknames: Tribe, Chief Wahoo's Tribe, Wahoos, Fighting Braves of the Cuyahoga, Sons of Geronimo

Stadium: Progressive Field

World Series Titles: 2

Pennants: 6 (AL)

Division Titles: 8 (Central)

It's Pronounced "Lajaway"

It's Pronounced Lajaway Cleveland Indians Baseball Website Blog Logo

Vintage baseball card fans know very well the meaning of Napoleon Lajoie's 1933 Goudey baseball card to this amazing hobby. And Indians fans know very well his importance to this historic ball club. As a nod to Nap, fans Stephanie Liscio and Susan Petrone set out to establish a Cleveland Indians blog by creatively incorporating his name into its title. A great blog that all Indians fans will want to check out.

Blog Network: ESPN SweetSpot Network

It's Pronounced "Lajaway" Website: www.itspronouncedlajaway.com

Follow It's Pronounced "Lajaway" on Twitter: @IPLajaway

Waiting For Next Year

Waiting For Next Year Cleveland Indians Website Blog Logo

Waiting For Next Year is a fan blog dedicated to all Ohio and Cleveland sports but you'll find more than enough Indians coverage to keep you busy. Founders Scott Sargent, Andrew Schnitkey, and Rick Grayshock united the efforts of their own individual blogs to create WFNY in 2008 and they've been at it ever since. Check out their podcast, too, to stay current with all the latest Indians news and rumors.

Blog Network: Independent

Waiting For Next Year Website: www.waitingfornextyear.com

Follow Scott on Twitter: @WFNYScott

Follow Andrew on Twitter: @RockWFNY

Wahoo's On First

Wahoo's On First Cleveland Indians Baseball Website Blog Logo

The Chief Wahoo logo is one of the most famous MLB logos in the leauge and these guys have parlayed it into one of the most creative blog names on this list: Wahoo's On First. This FanSided network site led by Steven Kubitza covers the team from all angles bringing Tribe fans expert opinion and analysis of their favorite team. Add this one to your list for continuous top-notch coverage.

Blog Network: FanSided

Wahoo's On First Website: www.wahoosonfirst.com

Follow Wahoo's On First on Twitter: @WahoosOnFirst

Let's Go Tribe

Let's Go Tribe Cleveland Indians Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's Let's Go Tribe is another Cleveland Indians fan blog that works tirelessly to bring fans and readers as much content as possible. Tribe fans will find a large amount of original coverage and analysis on this blog. Be sure and add it to your list of sources to follow this season so that you can stay up-to-date as a loyal fan.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Let's Go Tribe Website: www.letsgotribe.com

Follow Let's Go Tribe on Twitter: @LetsGoTribe

Colorado Rockies Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1993

Nicknames: Rocks, Rox, Blake Street Bombers

Stadium: Coors Field

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 1 (NL)

Division Titles: 0 (West)

Rox Walk Off

Rox Walk Off Colorado Rockies Baseball Website Blog Logo

Jared Dean Blanchard created Rox Walk Off in 2011 as a way to keep the online Rockies community involved after another fan blog shut down. Now he gets help from several different writers in bringing fellow fans as much original content and coverage as they can handle. Rockies fans will want to check in frequently as these guys are always bringing news and insight that you won't want to miss.

Blog Network: Independent

Rox Walk Off Website: www.roxwalkoff.com

Follow Rox Walk Off on Twitter: @roxWalkOff

Rox Pile

Rox Pile Colorado Rockies Baseball Website Blog Logo

The team of eight writers over at Rox Pile, a FanSided network blog, stay busy churning out content to keep Rockies fans in the know. Colorado fans are excited about their prospects for a successful season this year. Be sure and check out Rox Pile for great original content in the form of news, analysis and opinion about what goes down at Coors Field.

Blog Network: FanSided

Rox Pile Website: www.roxpile.com

Follow Rox Pile on Twitter: @RoxPileFS

Purple Row

Purple Row Colorado Rockies Website Blog Logo

Another great Rockies blog is that of SB Nation's Purple Row. Be sure to also checkout their recurring "Rockpile" and "Pebble Reports" for quick updates on the team so you don't miss out. And if you just can't get enough with the blog, then be sure and head over to their podcast called "The Purple Dinosaur" for even more coverage of your favorite team.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Purple Row Website: www.purplerow.com

Follow Purple Row on Twitter: @PurpleRow

Detroit Tigers Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1901

Nicknames: Cats, Motor City Kitties, Tabbies, Tigs, Bengals, Los Tigres

Stadium: Comerica Park

World Series Titles: 4

Pennants: 11 (AL)

Division Titles: 4 (AL Central), 3 (AL East)

The Detroit Tigers Weblog

Detroit Tigers Weblog Detroit Tigers Baseball Website Blog Logo

The Detroit Tigers Weblog is one of the original Tigers blogs having been started by Bill Ferris back in 2001. Now several loyal Tigers fans maintain the site by contributing news, analysis and opinion that you'll want to follow. Stay up-to-date on everything you need to know about the Detroit Tigers by adding this one to your list.

Blog Network: Independent

The Detroit Tigers Weblog Website: www.detroittigersweblog.com

Follow Detroit Tigers Weblog on Twitter: @MCB_Tigers

Detroit Atheltic Co.

Detroit Athletic Detroit Tigers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Detroit Athletic Co. is a webstore that sells fan gear for the major Detroit professional sports teams but their blog is very well-written. They feature many nice articles on historical Tigers topics but there are some great entries on current Tigers news and opinion as well. This is a unique team blog and one that any Tigers fan will want to follow. The content here is outstanding.

Blog Network: Independent

Detroit Athletic Co. Website: www.detroitathletic.com/blog

Follow Detroit Athletic Co. on Twitter: @detroitathletic

Motor City Bengals

Motor City Bengals Detroit Tigers Baseball Website Blog

Detroit Tigers fans will love the coverage over at FanSided's Motor City Bengals blog. The trio of Ben Rosener, Kristen Bentley and Geoff Robinson team up to offer fellow Detroit fans as much original news and analysis on their beloved Tigers. As a Tigers fan you'll want to regularly check in for the latest opinion from this dedicated writing team.

Blog Network: FanSided

Motor City Bengals Website: www.motorcitybengals.com

Follow Motor City Bengals on Twitter: @MCB_Tigers

Bless You Boys

Bless You Boys Colorado Rockies Baseball Website Blog Logo

Led by the managerial team of Kurt Mensching, Rob Rogacki, and Catherine Slonksnis, SB Nation's Bless You Boys offers Tigers fans another great outlet to get the latest news and analysis throughout the season. The recurring "Tiger Bites" portion of the blog is a great way to get as much updates in one spot as you can, too. Tigers fans will want to pay attention to this blog to stay informed.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Bless You Boys Website: www.blessyouboys.com

Follow Bless You Boys on Twitter: @blessyouboys

Houston Astros Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1962

Nicknames: 'Stros, Stars, Astronauts, Spacemen

Stadium: Minute Maid Park

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 0 (AL), 1 (NL)

Division Titles: 0 (AL West), 4 (NL Central), 2 (NL West)

Astros County

Astros County Houston Astros Baseball Website Blog Logo

Founded in 2008, Astros County is a great fan blog that covers the Houston Astros inside and out. Their sense of humor is easily apparent as you read over the site and articles and that keeps things fun. If you're into podcasts they've also got one by the name of "Lima Time Time" where you can get even more original content and team news.

Blog Network: Independent

Astros County Website: www.astroscounty.com

Follow Astros County on Twitter: @AstrosCounty

Astros Daily

Astros Daily Houston Astros Daily Baseball Website Blog Logo

Astros Daily was founded in 2000 and the staff haven't looked back since. The blog is extensive and covers both current and past team topics. Founder Ray Kerby and his staff have worked extremely hard over the years to continue providing fans with great team coverage. And it shows. If you're an Astros fan then you'll definitely want to add this one to your list if you haven't already.

Blog Network: Independent

Astros Daily Website: www.astrosdaily.com

Follow Astros Daily on Twitter: @AstrosDaily

Climbing Tal's Hill

Climbing Tal's Hill Houston Astros Baseball Website Blog Logo

Climbing Tal's Hill is a great blog that any Houston Astros fan will want to follow. As a FanSided blog with a team full of writers, there will be no shortage of news and coverage to get you through the week. Whether it's game recaps or opinions that you're looking for, you can find it right here so be sure to add this one to your list. 

Blog Network: FanSided

Climbing Tal's Hill Website: www.climbingtalshill.com

Follow Climbing Tal's Hill on Twitter: @astrosCTH

The Crawfish Boxes

The Crawfish Boxes Houston Astros Baseball Website Blog Logo

Managing Editor Ryan Dunsmore leads up the staff over at The Crawfish Boxes, SB Nation's fan blog dedicated to providing original content to loyal Astros fans. Their recurring Crawfish Boil entries are also a great to get quick updates when you're in a hurry. And they've also got a podcast called "The Ground Control Podcast" that you'll want to check out, too, for even more coverage. 

Blog Network: SB Nation

Crawfish Boxes Website: www.crawfishboxes.com

Follow The Crawfish Boxes on Twitter: @CrawfishBoxes

Kansas City Royals Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1969

Nicknames: Boys in Blue, Monarchs, Crowns

Stadium: Kauffman Stadium

World Series Titles: 2

Pennants: 4 (AL)

Division Titles: 1 (Central), 6 (West)

Royals Blue

Royals Blue Kansas City Royals Baseball Website Blog Logo

Luke Goosen and the staff of writers at Royals Blue work tirelessly year after year to bring fellow Royals fans all the latest news and analysis they can. If you're still searching for more content then be sure to check out the Royals Blue podcast as well for even more coverage. Kansas City fans will want to follow this blog all year to keep up-to-date with their favorite team.

Blog Network: Fox

Royals Blue Website: www.royalsblue.com

Follow Royals Blue on Twitter: @RoyalsBlue_com

Kings of Kauffman

Kings of Kauffman Kansas City Royals Baseball Website Blog Logo

Another great Royals blog is that of FanSided's Kings of Kauffman that's led by a team of four dedicated writers. They've also got a podcast under the same name for even more coverage if you're up for it. The Royals have had a lot of success in recent years so fans will want to check back often to see what their team is up to. 

Blog Network: FanSided

Kings of Kauffman Website: www.kingsofkauffman.com

Follow Kings of Kauffman on Twitter: @KingsofKauffman

Royals Review

Royals Review Kansas City Royals Baseball Website Blog Logo

An SB Nation blog, Royals Review offers continuous insight and coverage for the team from Kauffman Stadium. Led by Max Rieper, the writing team is committed to bringing loyal Royals fans as much original news and content as they can handle. And for quicker pieces of information, be sure to check out their recurring "Royals Rumblings" section to stay informed.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Royals Review Website: www.royalsreview.com

Follow Royals Review on Twitter: @royalsreview

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1961

Nicknames: Halos, Wings, Seraphs, Angelinos

Stadium: Angel Stadium of Anaheim

World Series Titles: 1

Pennants: 1 (AL)

Division Titles: 9 (West)

Halo Headquarters

Halo Headquarters Los Angeles Angels Baseball Website Blog Logo

Halo Headquarters is relatively new having started in 2016 but it has quickly grown into a must-read source for Angles fans. Founder Alex Alarcon and his team of seven staff writers churns out great original Angels coverage and opinion that will keep any Angels fan engaged and entertained. Add this one to your list to keep up with all you need to know about the Angels.

Blog Network: Independent

Halo Headquarters Website: www.haloheadquarters.net

Follow Halo Headquarters on Twitter: @haloheadquarter

Halo Hangout

Halo Hangout Los Angeles Angels Baseball Website Blog Logo

FanSided's dedicated blog to the Log Angeles Angels, Halo Hangout will give you all the news, analysis, and opinions that you can handle. The team of five writers stays busy bringing you all the ins and outs of your beloved Halos. They're also active on Twitter to give you even more content and coverage outside of the blog. Make sure to follow this one if you're an Angels fan.

Blog Network: FanSided

Halo Hangout Website: www.halohangout.com

Follow Halo Hangout on Twitter: @HaloHangout

Halos Heaven

Halos Heaven Los Angeles Angels Baseball Website Blog Logo

Halos Heaven is a Los Angeles Angels fan blog led by Josh Mayhood dedicated to bringing fellow Halo fans all the latest from their favorite team. An SB Nation network blog, the team of twelve in total strives to provide readers great original content and opinions to keep them up-to-date throughout the season. Be sure and follow them as they'll clue you in on the must know Angels news.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Halos Heaven Website: www.halosheaven.com

Follow Halos Heaven on Twitter: @halosheaven

Los Angeles Dodgers Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1884

Nicknames: Boys In Blue, Blue Crew, Dem Bums, Los Doyers, Boys of Summer

Stadium: Dodgers Stadium

World Series Titles: 6

Pennants: 21 (NL), 1 (AA)

Division Titles: 15 (West)

Think Blue L.A.

Think Blue LA Dodgers Baseball Blog Logo

Since 2009, Ron Cervenka and Scott Harvey have set out to provide fellow Dodgers fans with consistently great coverage of the Boys In Blue. Their access to the Dodgers PR department allows them and their staff of writers to publish interviews of the team and organization which is a huge plus for loyal readers. For top-notch analysis and opinion of the Los Angeles Dodgers, be sure to check out Think Blue LA.

In a nutshell, we basically provide our readers (aka: Dodger fans) with a different perspective of the Dodgers and their minor league affiliates through a fan's eye rather than being just another re-cap/box score type site, of which there are hundreds and which fans can find anywhere. We have always been geared more towards human interest stories written for Dodger fans by Dodger fans.

Ron Cervenka
Think Blue LA

Blog Network: Independent

Think Blue LA Website: www.thinkbluela.com

Follow Think Blue LA on Twitter: @Think_BlueLA


Ladodgerreport Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Founded by Scott Andes, the former co-editor of Lasorda's Lair (now FanSided's Dodgers Way), LA Dodger Report is a terrific blog dedicated to keeping fans loaded with Dodgers insight. You'll find plenty to keep you busy including topics surrounding news, team operations, and opinions. Their passion for the Dodgers is clear so as a loyal fan you'll enjoy what you find at Ladodgerreport.

Ladodgerreport is a blog run and written by Dodger fans from a fan's perspective. We openly root for the Dodgers and say it proudly. The blog is centered on open Dodger discussion and opinions. We also cover news, trades, and signings. We cover games and hope to see the Dodgers break this nasty World Series drought that has been dogging the franchise for the last 29 years. We also get really annoyed when the Dodgers lose. Like really annoyed.

Scott Andes

Blog Network: Independent

Ladodgerreport Website: www.ladodgerreport.com

Follow Ladodgerreport on Twitter: @ladodgerreport

Dodgers Blue Heaven

Dodgers Blue Heaven Fan Blog Logo

Ernest Reyes is both a huge Dodgers fan and a baseball card collector which is a great combination in my book! Dodgers fans looking for lots of original content and updates will find exactly that on Dodgers Blue Heaven as Reyes stays incredibly active. For news and insights about the team or a bit of fun relating to Dodgers cards and memorabilia, be sure and add this to your list of Dodgers blogs.

Blog Network: Independent

Dodgers Blue Heaven Website: www.dodgersblueheaven.com

Follow Dodgers Blue Heaven on Twitter: @ernestreyes

Dodgers Nation

Dodgers Nation Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Gary Lee started Dodgers Nation in 2005 as a way to provide fans the news, analysis and opinions about the Dodgers that they deserve.  Lee has grown the site over the years and now leads a whole team of writers who provide readers with a large amount of original content day in and day out. Dodgers fans will want to be sure to add this one to their list.

Blog Network: Independent

Dodgers Nation Website: www.dodgersnation.com

Follow Dodgers Nation on Twitter: @DodgersNation

Dodgers Digest

Dodgers Digest Los Angeles Dodgers Website Blog Logo

Dustin Nosler and Chad Moriyama have put together a great Dodgers fan blog over at Dodgers Digest. Nosler even heads up a podcast by the name of "Dugout Blues" as well to pump out even more coverage and discussion. For news, analysis, recaps, and opinions for everything that's going on with the club from Chavez Ravine, be sure to check out this blog.

Blog Network: Independent

Dodgers Digest Website: www.dodgersdigest.com

Follow Dodgers Digest on Twitter: @DodgersDigest

Dodger Thoughts

Dodgers Thoughts Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Jon Weisman has been a Dodgers fan since the 1970's and has been writing about them since 2002. In fact, he even wrote a book entitled "100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die". His dedication to the team is clear and any Dodgers fan will love reading through his blog. He provides a unique perspective that you won't want to miss.

Blog Network: Independent

Dodger Thoughts Website: www.dodgerthoughts.com

Follow Dodger Thoughts on Twitter: @jonweisman

Dodgers Way

Dodgers Way Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Dodgers Way is the former Lasorda's Lair blog now operated by the FanSided network. With a staff of eleven writers in total, Dodgers Way churns out lots of original content to keep Dodgers fans coming back for more. Many writers equals many opinions which is a plus for Dodgers fans looking to get the perspective of several fellow fans turned writers and contributors to this blog. 

Blog Network: FanSided

Dodgers Way Website: www.dodgersway.com

Follow Dodgers Way on Twitter: @DodgersWayFS

True Blue L.A.

True Blue LA Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Website Blog Logo

True Blue LA is SB Nation's blog dedicated to covering the Los Angeles Dodgers. BBWAA member Eric Stephen leads the way for this dedicated team of writers focused on keeping Dodgers fans entertained and informed with as much content as possible. Coverage is churned out multiple times a day on this blog so you'll want to keep checking back for more. They've also got an active Twitter account and podcast that you'll want to follow.

Blog Network: SB Nation

True Blue LA Website: www.truebluela.com

Follow True Blue LA on Twitter: @truebluela

Miami Marlins Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1993

Nicknames: Fish, Fightin' Fish, Miracle Marlins

Stadium: Marlins Park

World Series Titles: 2

Pennants: 2 (NL)

Division Titles: 0 (East)

Sun Sentinel

Sun Sentinel Marlins Baseball Blog

Tim Healey is the Miami Marlins beat reporter for the Sun Sentinel who, along with a few others, churn out some very nice coverage on the team on their Marlins page. I listened to Tim give a talk at a SABR conference earlier this year and it was clear he's got a ton of good baseball knowledge to share. If you're a passionate Marlins fan then be sure and check the Sentinel's Marlins page to see what news and insight Tim and the others have to offer. 

We like to think the Sun Sentinel's main Marlins page is a one-stop shop for anything a Marlins fan could want -- stories about every game and daily notebooks with the latest news and tidbits, of course, in addition to box scores, photo galleries and even game highlights. We also work to add new video (usually of a postgame interview with manager Don Mattingly or that day's starting pitcher) every day, and our "off-day stories" whenever the Marlins have a day off are usually a feature you won't read about anywhere else.

Tim Healey
Sun Sentinel

Blog Network: Independent - Sun Sentinel

Sun Sentinel Website: www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-marlins/

Follow Tim Healey on Twitter: @timbhealey

Marlin Maniac

Marlin Maniac Miami Marlins Baseball Website Blog Logo

Sean Millerick and Phil Kimmel are dedicated to providing Marlins fans with outstanding coverage and analysis of their favorite team via the Marlin Maniac bog. A FanSided blog, the duo give Marlins readers and fans as much news and opinion on the team as possible. Both are Miami natives which helps give a nice hometown perspective to this Marlins blog. 

Blog Network: FanSided

Marlin Maniac Website: www.marlinmaniac.com

Follow Marlin Maniac on Twitter: @MarlinManiac

Fish Stripes

Fish Stripes Miami Marlins Baseball Website Blog Logo

Managers Thomas Bennet and Scott Gelman head up one of the largest SB Nation blog teams at just around twenty writers in total dedicated to covering the Miami Marlins. Although the Marlins fan base may be relatively small, they are certainly loyal and it shows through on this blog. As a Marlins fan you'll want to check the blog and the podcast for all the latest news and opinion on the Fish.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Fish Stripes Website: www.fishstripes.com

Follow Fish Stripes on Twitter: @fishstripes

Milwaukee Brewers Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1969

Nicknames: True Blue Brew Crew, Brew Crew, Crew, Beermakers, Beersmen, Cerveceros, Birraioli

Stadium: Miller Park

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 1 (AL)

Division Titles: 1 (NL Central), 1 (AL East)

Disciples of Uecker

Disciples of Uecker Milwaukee Brewers Fan Site Logo

The team at Disciples of Uecker is composed of more than fifteen writers and contributors devoted to covering the Brewers inside and out. And what a great blog name they have. Bob Uecker has been a broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers since 1971 so this blog is a nice tip of the hat to the legendary "Mr. Baseball". Be sure to add this blog to your list for all kinds of original Brewers content and insight.

Blog Network: ESPN

Disciples of Uecker Website: www.disciplesofuecker.com

Follow Disciples of Uecker on Twitter: @DisciplesUecker

Reviewing The Brew

Reviewing The Brew Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Reviewing The Brew is a FanSided Network blog dedicating to bringing readers and fans all the latest about the Milwaukee Brewers. Whether you're looking for news, analysis, rumors or just opinions, you'll be sure to find it here. Keep up-to-date all season long with all of the great Brew Crew content on this exciting fan blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

Reviewing The Brew Website: www.reviewingthebrew.com

Follow Reviewing The Brew on Twitter: @ReviewingTheBrew

Brew Crew Ball

Brew Crew Ball Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's Brew Crew Ball is led by manager Kyle Lesniewski and is focused on providing Brew Crew fans with solid coverage of their beloved team. News, analysis, rumors, opinions--they've got it all right here for you Milwaukee fans. You'll want to make sure you check back often to read all of the consistent content that this team of writers churns out.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Brew Crew Ball Website: www.brewcrewball.com

Follow Brew Crew Ball on Twitter: @BrewCrewBall

Minnesota Twins Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1901

Nicknames: Twinkies

Stadium: Target Field

World Series Titles: 3

Pennants: 6 (AL)

Division Titles: 6 (Central), 4 (West)

Twins Daily

Twins Daily Minnesota Twins Baseball Website Blog Logo

Twins Daily is a fantastic fan blog chronicling the Minnesota Twins that features many different ways to keep up-to-date. The articles, forums and even a podcast co-hosted by John Bonnes and Aaron Gleeman by the name of "Gleeman & The Geek" will keep Twins fans busy with lots of coverage. News, opinions, rumors...you can find it all right here on Twins Daily so be sure to check this one soon.

Twins Daily's goal is to bring together Twins fans, whether they want to write, to read, or are looking for their voice. It's a beautiful game, and the more you share, the more beauty there is.

John Bonnes
Twins Daily

Blog Network: Independent

Twins Daily Website: www.twinsdaily.com

Follow Twins Daily on Twitter: @TwinsDaily

Aaron Gleeman

Aaron Gleeman Minnesota Twins Baseball Blog Logo

Aaron Gleeman stays incredibly active covering the Twins and baseball as the owner of this blog, co-host of the podcast "Gleeman & The Geek", and editor-in-chief of Baseball Prospectus. Obviously Gleeman has got you covered from all angles on everything you need to know about the Twins and more. Definitely check this one out for great insight and analysis.

Blog Network: Independent

Aaron Gleeman Website: www.aarongleeman.com

Follow Aaron Gleeman on Twitter: @AaronGleeman

Puckett's Pond

Puckett's Pond Minnesota Twins Baseball Website Blog Logo

Puckett's Pond is a nice tip of the hat to former Minnesota great, Kirby Puckett, whose career and life were cut way too short. A FanSided blog, this is definitely one that any Minnesota Twin will want to check often. The duo of Martin Schlegel and Jordan Ison work hard to provide fellow Twins fans will fantastic coverage and analysis of the latest from Target Field.

Blog Network: FanSided

Puckett's Pond Website: www.puckettspond.com

Follow Puckett's Pond on Twitter: @PuckettsPond

Twinkie Town

Twinkie Town Minnesota Twins Baseball Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's Twinkie Town provides Minnesota Twins fans and readers with all the original content they can handle. Stay up-to-date with the ins and outs of the Twinkies with this terrific fan blog dedicated to bringing you consistent coverage all season long. Minnesota Twins fans will definitely want to put this one on their list of team news sources.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Twinkie Town Website: www.twinkietown.com

Follow Twinkie Town on Twitter: @TwinkieTown

New York Mets Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1962

Nicknames: Metropolitans, Amazin's, Metsies, Miracle Mets, Amazin Mets, Kings of Queens

Stadium: Citi Field

World Series Titles: 2

Pennants: 5 (NL)

Division Titles: 6 (East)

Mets Merized

MetsMerized New York Mets Baseball Website Blog Logo

Mets Merized is a great independent fan blog that's been delivering top-notch news and opinion for Mets fans since 2005. Here you'll find a large variety of team coverage that will keep you up-to-date on the Mets organization all season long. With a unique perspective on the team and lots of original content, you'll definitely want to check this one out. 

Blog Network: Independent

Mets Merized Website: www.metsmerized.com

Follow Mets Merized on Twitter: @MetsMerized

New York Mets Report

New York Mets Report John Delcos Baseball Blog Logo

John Delcos is a lifetime BBWAA member and has been covering multiple MLB teams for over 25 years. With credentials like that you can be sure that this blog is packed with tons of awesome original content. Delcos offers news, analysis and opinions that will keep any serious Mets fan up-to-speed on all the latest with the team.

Blog Network: Independent

New York Mets Report Website: www.newyorkmetsreport.com

Follow John Delcos on Twitter: @jdelcos

Mets Today

Mets Today New York Mets Baseball Blog Logo

Mets Today is a unique MLB blog because it's owned and operated by Joe Janish, a baseball instructor that has trained and coached several big leaguers. Janish is able to use his coaching and former NCAA D1 playing background to offer readers a different perspective than they might get elsewhere. Be sure to check this one out as you'll get lots of input and coverage from someone who is well-versed about the game.

Blog Network: ESPN

Mets Today Website: www.metstoday.com

Follow Mets Today on Facebook: @metstoday

Rising Apple

Rising Apple New York Mets Baseball Website Blog Logo

Rising Apple is a FanSided blog consisting of a team of twelve writers focused on covering every aspect of the New York Mets. With so many writers, Mets fans will have no shortage of opinions and analysis with this blog. Stay up-to-speed throughout the entire season with all the news, analysis, and coverage you can handle. Definitely one to add to your list.

Blog Network: FanSided

Rising Apple Website: www.risingapple.com

Follow Rising Apple on Twitter: @RisingAppleBlog

Amazin' Avenue

Amazin Avenue New York Mets Baseball Website Blog Logo

Managing Editor, Eric Simon, heads up SB Nation's Amazin' Avenue to bring Mets fans a large amount of original content on their beloved team. The large staff at Amazin' Avenue works tirelessly to churn out all of the detailed analysis and news they can provide to loyal New York fans. You'll find lots of coverage about the boys from Citi Field right here with this great blog.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Amazin' Avenue Website: www.amazinavenue.com

Follow Amazin' Avenue on Twitter: @AmazinAvenue

New York Yankees Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1901

Nicknames: Yanks, Bronx Bombers, Pinstripers, Bronx Zoo, Evil Empire, Murderer's Row

Stadium: Yankees Stadium

World Series Titles: 27

Pennants: 40 (AL)

Division Titles: 18 (East)

River Ave Blues

River Ave Blues New York Yankees Baseball Blog Logo

Rivera Blues was founded in 2007 by Mike Axisa, Ben Kabak and Joe Pawlikowski with one goal in mind: to be the go-to resource for news and updates for Yankees fans. These guys provide daily commentary, analysis, and coverage on everything you need to know about the Yanks. And if you want even more content, they also offer a daily newsletter called the RAB Daily Digest.

Blog Network: Independent

River Ave Blues Website: www.riveraveblues.com

Follow River Ave Blues on Twitter: @YanksGoYardFS

It's About The Money

It's About The Money New York Yankees Website Blog Logo

It's About The Money is a New York Yankees fan blog that's part of ESPN's Sweetspot Network. Not only does their staff offer Yankees fans lots of great content on the web, they've also got a podcast for even more team coverage. If you're looking for news, analysis, opinions and stats on the Yanks then make sure you add this one to your list.

Blog Network: ESPN

It's About The Money Website: www.itsaboutthemoney.com

Follow It's About The Money on Twitter: @YanksGoYardFS

Yanks Go Yard

Yanks Go Yard New York Yankees Baseball Website Blog Logo

The team over at Yanks Go Yard works hard to bring Yankee fans all the latest and greatest coverage all season long. A FanSided network blog, YGY is committed to providing fellow readers and fans with all they need to know about their beloved team. Be sure to check in for lots of great news, analysis, and opinion on this terrific fan blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

Yanks Go Yard Website: www.yanksgoyard.com

Follow Yanks Go Yard on Twitter: @YanksGoYardFS

Pinstripe Alley

Pinstripe Alley New York Yankees Baseball Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's Pinstripe Alley is a New York Yankee blog led by Managing Editor, Tonya Bondurant. The large team of writers offers Yankee fans lots of various opinions and coverage of the boys from the Bronx. Stay up-to-date with all you need to know about the Yanks with all of the news, analysis and opinion you can handle right here at Pinstripe Alley.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Pinstripe Alley Website: www.pinstripealley.com

Follow Pinstripe Alley on Twitter: @pinstripealley

Oakland Athletics Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1901

Nicknames: A's, Swingin' A's, White Elephants, Elephants, Green and Gold, Big Green Machine

Stadium: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

World Series Titles: 9

Pennants: 15 (AL)

Division Titles: 16 (West)

White Cleat Beat

White Cleat Beat Oakland Athletics Baseball Website Blog Logo

Oakland Athletics fans and readers will want to check out FanSided's White Cleat Beat for regular updates and analysis on all things Oakland A's. With coverage on news, rumors, and opinions there is no shortage of great content here to get you through the season. Add this one to your list and check back often to get lots of original A's content.

Blog Network: FanSided

White Cleat Beat Website: www.whitecleatbeat.com

Follow White Cleat Beat on Twitter: @WhiteCleatBeat

Athletics Nation

Athletics Nation Oakland Athletics Baseball Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's Athletics Nation features a large team of writers dedicated to providing Oakland A's fans with outstanding content. Led by Alex Hall and Nico, this group has got the A's covered and churns out lots of analysis and opinion to keep Oakland fans and readers plenty busy. This is a great blog that A's fans will surely enjoy. 

Blog Network: SB Nation

Athletics Nation Website: www.athleticsnation.com

Follow Athletics Nation on Twitter: @athleticsnation

Philadelphia Phillies Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1883

Nicknames: Phils, Fightin' Phils, Fightins', Red Pinstripes

Stadium: Citizens Bank Park

World Series Titles: 2

Pennants: 7 (NL)

Division Titles: 11 (East)

Crashburn Alley

Crashburn Alley Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Website Blog Logo

This independent Phillies blog is a play on words of Citizens Bank Park's "Ashburn Alley", the outfield-long tribute to Phillies centerfielder and broadcaster Richie Ashburn. Led by founder Bill Baer, the large team of writers keep the blog loaded with great coverage and opinions all season long. If you're a Phillies fan then you will certainly want to add this one to your list.

Blog Network: Independent

Crashburn Alley Website: www.crashburnalley.com

Follow Bill Baer on Twitter: @Baer_Bill

That Ball's Outta Here

That Ball's Outta Here Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Website Blog Logo

Led by George Stockburger, this FanSided Network blog provides Phillies fans with all the latest news, analysis and opinion they can handle. If you're looking for a wide variety of original Phillies content then look no farther as this blog has it all. The team of dedicated writers and contributors works hard all season long to bring you the inside scoop on your beloved Phillies.

Blog Network: FanSided

That Ball's Outta Here Website: www.thatballsouttahere.com

Follow That Ball's Outta Here on Twitter: @FS_TBOH

The Good Phight

The Good Phight Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's The Good Phight is a Phillies blog led by Liz Roscher that focuses on producing top-notch content day in and day out. The large team of writers on this blog means you'll get treated to a wide variety of opinions and analysis.  Justin Klugh and John Stolnis will also keep you entertained with two podcasts, "The Felske Files" and "The Dirty Inning".

Blog Network: SB Nation

The Good Phight Website: www.thegoodphight.com

Follow The Good Phight on Twitter: @TheGoodPhight

Pittsburgh Pirates Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1882

Nicknames: Bucs, Buccos, Black and Gold

Stadium: PNC Park

World Series Titles: 5

Pennants: 9 (NL)

Division Titles: 9 (East), 0 (Central)

Pirates Breakdown

Pirates Breakdown Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Website Blog Logo

Founders Jason Rollison, Tyler Waite and Steve Kubitz have teamed up to create one of the best Pittsburgh Pirates team blogs around. The articles feature both analysis and traditional news coverage that will keep Bucs fans entertained all season long. And if the blog isn't enough then be sure to check out their podcast as well for even more top-notch content.

Blog Network: Independent

Pirates Breakdown Website: www.piratesbreakdown.com

Follow Pirates Breakdown on Twitter: @pbcbreakdown

Rum Bunter

Rum Bunter Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Website Blog Logo

The editor duo of Marty Leap and Nicholas Caporoso head up the team at FanSided's Rum Bunter to bring Pirates fans all the latest team news and analysis. If Pittsburgh is your team then this is one blog you'll definitely want to follow all season long. Check in often for fantastic original content and coverage of the Bucs at this great fan blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

Rum Bunter Website: www.rumbunter.com

Follow Rum Bunter on Twitter: @rumbunter

Bucs Dugout

Bucs Dugout Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Website Blog Logo

Bucs Dugout is SB Nation's baseball blog dedicated to providing outstanding Pittsburgh Pirates coverage throughout the season. Their recurring "Cannonballs Coming" pieces are also a great insight at up-and-coming Minor League players in the Pirates system. Manager Charlie Wilmoth and team have done a great job giving fans consistent analysis and opinion with this Pirates blog.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Bucs Dugout Website: www.bucsdugout.com

Follow Bucs Dugout on Twitter: @BucsDugout

St. Louis Cardinals Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1882

Nicknames: Cards, Redbirds, Birds, Birds on the Bat, El Birdos

Stadium: Busch Stadium

World Series Titles: 11

Pennants: 19 (NL), 4 (AA)

Division Titles: 10 (Central), 3 (East)


Cards Blog

Founded by Noah Adelstein, Sam Pointer, and Issa Cook, the dedication these guys have for the Cardinals is instantly clear. Their team of writers from across the country share their passion with other die-hard Cardinals fans by covering the ball club they love most. Whether it happens on or off the field, if something is going on with the Cardinals, they'll let you know.

We care about delivering unique and easily accessible news, analysis and opinion about everything related to the Cardinals to fans across the country. Our energy and young team allow us to deliver consistently creative content that appeals to young and old fans alike.

Noah Adelstein

Blog Network: Independent

The Cardsblog Website: www.cardsblog.com

Follow Cardsblog on Twitter: @cardsblog

Redbird Rants

Redbird Rants St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Website Blog Logo

Dr. Michael D. Miles leads the way at Redbird Rants, a FanSided Network blog dedicated to covering the St. Louis Cardinals. The staff here is very active and focused on providing readers and fans with all the original content they can handle. The "Daily Rant" section provides even more daily coverage outside of their regular blog section. Cardinals fans will want to keep a sharp eye on this blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

Redbird Rants Website: www.redbirdrants.com

Follow Redbird Rants on Twitter: @FSRedbirdRants

Viva El Birdos

Viva El Birdos St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Website Blog Logo

Craig Edwards and team work hard all season long to bring fans all the latest news and insight on the St. Louis Cardinals. An SB Nation blog, the large staff offers readers a wide variety of opinion and analysis on the "Birdos". For even more original content and coverage be sure to check out their Facebook Live events and podcast episodes as well.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Viva El Birdos Website: www.vivaelbirdos.com

Follow Viva El Birdos on Twitter: @vivaelbirdos

San Diego Padres Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1969

Nicknames: Friars, Pads, Say May Kids, Chaplains

Stadium: Petco Park

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 2 (NL)

Division Titles: 5 (West)

Padres Public

Padres Public San Diego Padres Fan Blog Logo

Padres Public is composed of twelve other Padres fan blogs so right away you know you're getting lots of opinions and perspectives. And they do it with humor and sarcasm so it keeps things very entertaining. Thankfully these guys all decided to join forces and Padres fans and readers have been reaping the benefits ever since. 

Blog Network: Independent

Padres Public Website: www.padrespublic.com

Follow Padres Public on Twitter: @PadresPublic

Friars On Base

Friars On Base San Diego Padres Baseball Website Blog Logo

Friars On Base features top-notch news, analysis and opinion on all things San Diego Padres. A FanSided Network blog, this team of four writers keep busy all season long bringing fans and readers consistent coverage of what's going on with the Padres. Padres fans will want to add this blog to their list of reading material to stay current with their beloved Padres.

Blog Network: FanSided

Friars On Base Website: www.friarsonbase.com

Follow Friars On Base on Twitter: @FriarsOnBase

Gaslamp Ball

Gaslamp Ball San Diego Padres Baseball Website Blog Logo

The team over at SB Nation's Gaslamp Ball work hard to support the San Diego Padres fan base with outstanding original content. Keep up-to-date with what's going on with the Padres on and off the field with their in-depth articles and analysis. If you're looking for various opinions and insight on the Padres then look no farther because Gaslamp Ball's got it. 

Blog Network: SB Nation

Gaslamp Ball Website: www.gaslampball.com

Follow Gaslamp Ball on Twitter: @gaslampball

San Francisco Giants Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1883

Nicknames: Orange and Black, Los Gigantes, Boys from the Bay, G-Men, Jints, Gyros, Orange Nation, Bulldozers, Bay Bombers

Stadium: AT&T Park

World Series Titles: 8

Pennants: 23 (NL)

Division Titles: 8 (West)

Giants 365

Giants 365 San Francisco Giants Team Blogo Logo

Giants 365 is a San Francisco Giants fan blog that you'll definitely want to read. Here you'll find lots of news, analysis, opinion and insight on all things San Francisco Giants. Their team of writers offers Giants fans a unique perspective on what's happening on and off the field. Check back often for updates on the Boys From The Bay all season long to stay informed.

Blog Network: Skybox360

Giants 365 Website: www.giants365.com

Follow Giants 365 on Twitter: @Giants365

Around The Foghorn

Around The Foghorn San Francisco Giants Basebal Website Blog Logo

Around The Foghorn is FanSided's blog dedicated to bringing you all the latest and greatest San Francisco Giants team news and analysis. The staff provide Giants fans with a constant stream of content and coverage on their beloved team. If you are a fan of the Giants and want to stay in-the-know on your favorite team then you'll definitely want to read this blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

Around The Foghorn Website: www.aroundthefoghorn.com

Follow Around The Foghorn on Twitter: @RoundTheFoghorn

McCovey Chronicles

McCovey Chronicles San Francisco Giants Baseball Website Blog Logo

Grant Brisbee and Brian Murphy lead the team at SB Nation's McCovey Chronicles in churning out Giants coverage all season long. They've even got a podcast called "McCovey Chroncast" to provide you with even more content if you just can't get enough. This impressive blog is a must for any serious San Francisco Giants fan looking to remain sharp on team news and rumors throughout the season.

Blog Network: SB Nation

McCovey Chronicles Website: www.mccoveychronicles.com

Follow McCovey Chronicles on Twitter: @mccoveychron

Seattle Mariners Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1977

Nicknames: M's, Mares, Travelers, Compass

Stadium: Safeco Field

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 0 (AL)

Division Titles: 3 (West)

USS Mariner

USS Mariner Seattle Mariners Baseball Website Blog Logo

USS Mariner is an independent fan blog that provides fans and readers with a chance to discuss the Mariners in an interactive format. The articles cover the team from all angles but the nice thing about the blog is how much they encourage interaction and comments. If you're looking for great news and coverage plus some discussion then you'll want to add this one to your list.

Blog Network: Independent

USS Mariner Website: www.ussmariner.com

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Sodo Mojo

Sodo Mojo Seattle Mariners Baseball Website Blog Logo

Sodo Mojo is a FanSided Network blog led by Adam Levi that keeps Mariners fans immersed in a constant stream of team coverage. If you're looking for even more Mariners content then be sure to check out their podcast under the same name, too. Seattle fans will want to read this blog often for great news, analysis and opinion about their favorite team.

Blog Network: FanSided

Sodo Mojo Website: www.sodomojo.com

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Lookout Landing

Lookout Landing Seattle Mariners Baseball Website Blog Logo

Managing Editor, Kate Preusser, and the large team of writers at SB Nation's Lookout Landing offer Mariners fans a wide variety of opinions and coverage. Their "Mariners Moosetracks" posts are also a fun recurring series of short tidbits on news and rumors surrounding the team. If you're looking for fantastic original Seattle Mariners content then look no farther because this blog has it all.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Lookout Landing Website: www.lookoutlanding.com

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Tampa Bay Rays Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1998

Nicknames: D-Rays, Mantas

Stadium: Tropicana Field

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 1 (AL)

Division Titles: 2 (East)

Rays Colored Glasses

Rays Colored Glasses Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Website Blog Logo

FanSided's Rays Colored Glasses is a fantastic blog focused on giving Rays fans a large amount of original content all season long. Editor Althea Pashman and the rest of the team work tirelessly to produce all the news, analysis, and opinion the Rays fans can handle. If you want to keep up-to-date with all things Tampa Rays then you'll want to add this blog to your list.

Blog Network: FanSided

Rays Colored Glasses Website: www.rayscoloredglasses.com

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D Rays Bay

D Rays Bay Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Website Blog Logo

Manager Daniel Russell leads this large team of Tampa Bay Rays writers to keep fans up-to-speed on their favorite team. Many writers means many different opinions and insights and that's exactly what you'll get with this fantastic Tampa Bay Rays blog. Whether you're looking for news, rumors, or opinions then be sure and check back often for all the latest and greatest.

Blog Network: SB Nation

D Rays Bay Website: www.draysbay.com

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Texas Rangers Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1961

Nicknames: Lone Stars, Power Rangers

Stadium: Globe Life Park in Arlington

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 2 (AL)

Division Titles: 7 (West)

The Newberg Report

Newberg Report Texas Rangers Fan Blog Website Logo

Jamey Newberg is a Dallas-based attorney who has been covering the Texas Rangers since 1998. Rangers fans will find all sorts of original content on the Newberg Report including articles, video and forums. And if you're looking for even more, there is also an printed annual report for sale that features in-depth analysis and team coverage. 

Blog Network: Independent

The Newberg Report Website: www.newbergreport.com

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One Strike Away

One Strike Away Texas Rangers Fan Website Blog Logo

One Strike Away is a Texas Rangers fan blog on the ESPN Sweet Spot Network owned and operated by Brandon Land. Land and his team of writers offer Rangers fans and readers top-notch coverage and analysis that they will not want to miss. If you want to stay in the know with the Rangers on and off the field then make sure and give this one a read. 

Blog Network: ESPN

One Strike Away Website: www.onestrikeaway.com

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Nolan Writin'

Nolan Writin' Texas Rangers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Nolan Writin' is FanSided's blog dedicated to the Texas Rangers and a great tip of the hat to Ranger legend, Nolan Ryan. The trio of Alex-Al-Kazzaz, Andrew Webb, Connelly Bock write all season long about all the ins and outs of the team to keep readers up-to-date. Rangers fans looking for great original content and coverage on their favorite team should definitely check out this blog.

Blog Network: FanSided

Nolan Writin' Website: www.nolanwritin.com

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Lone Star Ball

Lone Star Ball Texas Rangers Baseball Website Blog Logo

Manager Adam J. Morris leads this team of four writers to bring Rangers fans all the news and analysis they can handle on SB Nation's Lone Star Ball. There is no shortage of great original content and coverage on this Rangers blog to keep fans and readers engaged all season long. Make sure to add this one to your list of Rangers blogs to follow.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Lone Star Ball Website: www.lonestarball.com

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Toronto Blue Jays Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1977

Nicknames: Jays, Blue Birds, Birds

Stadium: Rogers Centre

World Series Titles: 2

Pennants: 2 (AL)

Division Titles: 6 (East)

Blue Jays Nation

Blue Jays Nation Toronto Blue Jays Fan Blog Logo

Blue Jays Nation is a fan blog dedicated to covering the Toronto Blue Jays led by the trio of Andrew Stoeten, Cam Lewis and Stacey May Fowles . A Nation Network blog, the team churns out content making sure fans stay informed with team coverage on a daily basis. Fans looking for a good read packed with insight and opinion will want to check this one out.

Blog Network: The Nation Network

Blue Jays Nation Website: www.bluejaysnation.com

Follow Blue Jays Nation on Twitter: @thejaysnation

Blue Jay Hunter

Ian Hunter of the Blue Jay Hunter Toronto Blue Jays Fan Site Logo

Ian Hunter is a self-proclaimed baseball addict and creator of Blue Jay Hunter where he's been covering the Jays since 2007. Ian offers fans a well-written blog with original content and on top of that produces some great GIFs and a podcast to boot. His love for the Blue Jays is obvious and it really shines through in his content. Definitely add this one to your list.

"Blue Jay Hunter" is all about Canada's baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. It's a place where the team is put under microscope with game recaps, reactions and GIFS. Ian Hunter breaks down the latest Jays news, rumours and rumblings about the club. Plus, tune in for the Blue Jay Hunter podcast for weekly Blue Jays musings and ramblings.

Ian Hunter
Blue Jay Hunter

Blog Network: Independent

Blue Jay Hunter Website: www.bluejayhunter.com

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Blue Jays Republic

Logo for Blue Jays Republic Fan Site For the Toronto Blue Jays

Blue Jays Republic is an independent fan site that brings fans and readers all the latest coverage on the Toronto Blue Jays. The site is broken up into different sections such as "Editorials", "Series Preview", and "Quick Reaction" that makes it easy for readers to filter on their favorite type of content. You'll find loads of insight and analysis on this fantastic Blue Jays blog.

Blog Network: Independent

Blue Jays Republic Website: www.bluejaysrepublic.com

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Jays Droppings

Jays Droppings Toronto Blue Jays Website Blog Logo

The site tag line says it all: "Toronto Blue Jays: thoughts, rants and everyday bat flips." Site owner Ryan Di Francesco brings his passion for the Blue Jays to the web with this fan blog chronicling his favorite MLB team. A relatively newer blog, Jays Droppings has wasted no time in pumping out lots of original content that Jays fans will want to keep an eye on.

Blog Network: Independent

Jays Droppings Website: www.jaysdroppings.com

Follow Jays Droppings on Twitter: @angry_jays

Jays Journal

Jays Journal Toronto Blue Jays Fan Site Blog Logo

FanSided's Jays Journal features a huge writing staff led by Chris Henderson and Clayton Richer that's focused on producing top-notch content for Jays fans. With so many writers you know you'll get lots of views and opinions on the team and that's a good thing. If you're looking to stay current on Blue Jays news and analysis then these guys will provide you with fantastic insight.

Blog Network: FanSided

Jays Journal Website: www.jaysjournal.com

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Washington Nationals Blogs

Team Details

Founded: 1969

Nicknames: Nats

Stadium: Nationals Park

World Series Titles: 0

Pennants: 0 (NL)

Division Titles: 4 (East)

Talk Nats

Talk Nats Washington Nationals Fan Site Logo

Talk Nats is an independent Washington Nationals fan blog authored by several different writers and contributors. Their top-notch Nats coverage includes articles on news, rumors, analysis and opinions to keep you informed about the team. With many different writers comes many different perspectives on the Nats which is a nice bonus. Put this one on your list to follow.

Blog Network: Independent

Talk Nats Website: www.talknats.com

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District On Deck

District On Deck Washington Nationals Baseball Website Blog Logo

Co-editors Ricky Keeler and Ron Juckett head up the team at District On Deck, FanSided Network's blog covering the Washington Nationals. They have a podcast called the "DoDcast" as well so you can get even more content outside of the blog. News, analysis, rumors, opinion--they've got it all right here so be sure and check back often for great Nationals coverage.

Blog Network: FanSided

District On Deck Website: www.districtondeck.com

Follow District On Deck on Twitter: @DistrictOnDeck

Federal Baseball

Federal Baseball Washington Nationals Baseball Website Blog Logo

SB Nation's Federal Baseball is led by Patrick Reddington and is focused on bringing fans and readers fantastic Nationals coverage all season long. The blog offers many great posts about the team and a nice "Wire Taps" section that features short news pieces as well. If you want to keep current on everything you need to know about the Washington Nationals then be sure to add this one to your list.

Blog Network: SB Nation

Federal Baseball Website: www.federalbaseaball.com

Follow Federal Baseball on Twitter: @federalbaseball

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