Best Sports Card Auctions: The Ultimate Collectors Guide

Sports Card AuctionsSports card auctions are hands down one of the best ways to build your collection and find some of the most valuable baseball cards in the hobby.

From the comfort of your own home you can safely and securely search for and bid on hundreds of items on any given day.

To make things even easier on you, I’ve curated this list of the best in the business.

Simply scroll through the list to get to know a little about each company and then visit their sites to check out what they might have up for auction.


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Sports Card Auctions Overview

Each of these auctions features their own online platform outside of eBay. They feature sports cards of all kinds that are usually professionally graded by PSA, SGC, and Beckett. Please be sure to check each of their websites on what you need to do to bid or sell with them.

Now on to the list of auctions…

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions was established in 1976 and has grown to become the largest collectibles auctioneer in the business. You can find a wide spectrum of collectibles at Heritage including coins, art, comics, music/movie memorabilia, historical items, sports cards and memorabilia and much more. Their staff of over 130 experts and 400 additional service-oriented professionals are there to provide collectors one of the best auction experiences possible. If you’re a high grade sports card collector, Heritage will frequently offer up some of the best cards in the hobby to add to your collection!

Buyer’s Premium: 19.5%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @HeritageAuctions


Heritage Auctions Logo

Huggins and Scott

The great thing about Huggins and Scott is that no matter what level of collector you are, you’re bound to find something that’s just right for you. Sports cards and memorabilia are the main staples of their auctions but you can also pick up some cool Americana, too. Additionally, they feature an easy way for you to browse by top lots, lots with no bids, and lots about to end that makes it easy to slice and dice through their auction.

Buyer’s Premium: 19.5%

Seller Fees: Variable


Huggins & Scott Auctions Logo


Scott Brockelman has been active in the hobby since the 1990s, contributing to the Krause “Big Book”, as well as writing articles for TheVintage and Classic Baseball Collector, SCD, and others along the way. His expertise in collecting sports cards is well-known as dealers, collectors and auction houses frequently seek out his knowledge and opinions. His reputation and extensive network have paid off by allowing to set up his own auction company to better serve fellow collectors.

Buyer’s Premium: 12.5%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter:


Brockelman Auctions Logo

Small Traditions

Small Traditions sets themselves apart by offering something that isn’t very common in the sports card auction world: 0% seller fees. Owner Dave Thorn spent several years in the auction industry as a writer prior to founding Small Traditions. That knowledge and dedication to quality service make Small Traditions a fantastic option for collectors. You will consistently find hundreds of top quality vintage sports cards for your collection at Small Traditions.

Buyer’s Premium: 19% via cash, check, money order and 21.9% via PayPal

Seller Fees: 0%

Follow On Twitter: @SmallTraditions


Small Traditions Auctions Logo


Dave Schrader has been operating Bagger’s since 2010 with the goal of bringing his 25+ years of experience selling baseball cards to his own online auction. Unlike most online sports card auctions, Bagger’s will actually pay consignors a percentage over the selling price rather than charging a commission. They also accept Paypal payments which makes them one of the few auction companies to do so. When you visit the Bagger’s website you can clearly see their friendly buyer and seller terms as an attempt to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Buyer’s Premium: 15%

Seller Fees: Every consignor is paid 2.5% OVER the hammer price for every lot. Plus, they pay 5% OVER hammer for consignments of $2000 or more!

Follow On Twitter:

Bagger's Auctions Logo


Beckett has been a household name in the sports card collecting community for decades. In 2014, Beckett brought in 30-year hobby veteran Bill Sutherland to act as Senior Director to lead its Beckett Auction Services division. Based out of Beckett Media Corporate Headquarters in Dallas, TX, the auction company offers up sports cards, non-sports cards and other collectibles in its monthly online auctions, dedicated dealer specific auctions, case break auctions, and eBay consignment division. Customers also have the opportunity to work directly with Beckett Grading Services, Beckett Certified Appraisals and James Spence Authentication.

Buyer’s Premium: 15% if paying by cash, check, cashier’s check or money order and 17% otherwise.

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @beckettauctions

Beckett Auctions Logo


The team of Andy Becker and John Spano focus primarily on football and baseball but also include other sports and non-sports items in their auctions. Since their first auction in the Spring of 2015, the duo have worked tirelessly to build a great experience for collectors. BST strives to offer the highest cash advances in the industry, a system of tiered buyer’s fees, no seller’s fees and their own unique bidding system that ensures bidders that the value of any max bids will be known to them alone.

Buyer’s Premium: 12.5 – 19.5%

Seller Fees: 0%

Follow On Twitter: @BSTAuctions

BST Auctions Logo

Clean Sweep

Based out of Port Washington, NY, Clean Sweep Auctions has been in operation since 1999. Offering a wide variety of sports and non-sports cards and memorabilia for auction, Clean Sweep also has a very large webstore from which they sell directly. In case you cannot find what you’re looking for in their auctions, their webstore is definitely worth searching as it features thousands of items for sale at any given time.

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: 10% on all items that sell for $500 or more and 15% for lots that sell for under $500.

Follow On Twitter:

Clean Sweep Auctions Logo


Collect Auctions has been proudly serving collectors from its Waupaca, WI location since 2004. In any of its several auctions throughout a given year, you can find a wide variety of sports and non-sports cards and memorabilia up for grabs. In addition to their auction service, they also offer brokering services and their very own online store as well.

Buyer’s Premium: 19.5%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @CollectAuctions

Collect Auctions Logo


Goldin Auctions needs no introduction. One of the largest and most well-known auction houses in the hobby, Goldin Auctions is frequently covered by ESPN, Bloomberg, CNBC and other major news networks. Collectors are treated to free auction catalogs to pour over prior to every auction–the quality images and accompanying information for many of the cards is top notch. Owner Ken Goldin and his staff consistently offer up some of the finest items for bid that you’ll find anywhere. Mr. Goldin has even had the pleasure of auctioning off several T206 Honus Wagner cards!

Buyer’s Premium: 20% if payment is made by cashier’s check, money order, wire transfer, or check within 10 days of the date of invoice and 22.5% if payment is made using a credit card and/or is not paid with 10 days of date of invoice.

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @GoldinAuctions

Goldin Auctions Logo

Goodwin & Co.

Goodwin Auctions, out of St. Louis, Missouri, is another huge name in the sports card industry. Owner Bill Goodwin and staff hold several auctions throughout the year that feature top quality items for bid that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Prior to each auction, potential bidders will also receive a fantastic catalog full of images and information on upcoming items for bid.

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

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Goodwin Auctions Logo

Greg Bussineau

Greg Bussineau has over 30 years of experience in the sports card hobby and sells some of the finest items you can imagine. Over the years, Bussineau has even sold all of the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards graded in PSA 10 condition! You can expect quality auctions and service each and every time. I’ve picked up a few Koufax cards for my personal collection from past Greg Bussineau auctions and had a great experience!

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter:

Greg Bussineau Sports Rarities Logo

Grey Flannel

Grey Flannel does a bit of everything with its auctions. They routinely offer up some great sports memorabilia for bid including game used items, autographs and awards. You can also find great sports cards as well, of course! Their professional auction platform and design make for a great auction experience for serious collectors.

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @GF_Auctions

Grey Flannel Auctions Logo


Hake’s always has some of the most fantastic Americana and collectibles up for auction–including old sports cards. Even if you’re not a collector of other things like old comics, toys, and signage it can still be a lot of fun browsing through their site. The nostalgia for everything Americana runs deep at Hake’s auctions!

Buyer’s Premium: 15%

Seller Fees: 10-20% depending on the item’s value

Follow On Twitter: @HakesAmericana

Hake's Auctions Logo


Hunt’s dedication to the vintage sports card and memorabilia hobby is clear right out of the gate with their site design. The color scheme alone gives it a vintage look but the many shots of old sports items make vintage collectors feel right at home. To go along with the many great items for bid on the site, a nice bonus is that Hunt is one of the few auction companies to charge buyers only a 15% premium.

Buyer’s Premium: 15%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Facebook: Hunt Auctions, Inc.

Hunt Auctions Logo


Based out of Scottsdale, AZ, Iconic Auctions offers collectors a chance to snag some of the best sports cards and memorabilia on the market. Their site design is very clean and straight forward which makes it very simple for collectors to navigate. In addition to their auctions, they also feature their own store with several items on which you can make an offer.

Buyer’s Premium: 20% if paying with check, money order, or wire transfer or 22.5% if paying by credit card

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Facebook: @IconicAuctions

Iconic Auctions Logo


Infinite Auctions does a fantastic job at brining some of the best game-used and autographed sports memorabilia on the market. You can also pick up some very nice sports cards, too, so be sure to check out those sections of the site. Their staff of experienced experts and enthusiasts make the auction experience smooth and easy for collectors so make sure you don’t miss their auctions!

Buyer’s Premium: 19% (21.5% if you pay after 10 days of auction close)

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Facebook: @infiniteauctions

Infinite Auctions Logo


J&B Sports Auctions features a very cool image/collage on their homepage with some of the best cards and biggest names in the hobby. It’s basically a welcome mat that makes any vintage collector feel right at home. With more than 20 years of experience in the business, J&B are able to offer some outstanding vintage items on their site, eBay and offline as well. Be sure to add this one to your watch list!

Buyer’s Premium: 19%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter:

J&B Sports Auctions



Joe’s Vintage Sports Cards

Joe’s Vintage Sports Cards provides something unique that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else: weekly sports card auctions. So be sure to check in often so you don’t miss out on key cards to add to your collection. Graded cards, tobacco cards, lots and sets–they’ve got it all. For over 40 years they’ve been active in the hobby as collectors/traders and a full-time dealer since 1993. Their presence at countless shows and dedication to the hobby has earned them a great reputation. The 0% buyer’s premium in their auctions is pretty nice, too!

Buyer’s Premium: 0%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter:

Joe's Vintage Sports Card Auctions Logo

Just Collect

Leighton Sheldon started Just Collect in 2006 and has become one of the largest buyers and auctioneers of vintage sports cards and memorabilia. Together with Vice President of Just Collect, Scott Alpaugh, these two avid collectors have built one of the finest and reputable auction houses in the hobby. You can find these guys all over the country buying and selling at countless shows so be sure to check out their schedule to find out when they’re nearby!

Buyer’s Premium: 

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @justcollect

Just Collect Auctions Logo

Kevin Savage

Kevin Savage Cards stays very active in the hobby with their auctions that are updated every week. They have an entire section of their site devoted to vintage collectors with both graded and non-graded cards up for bid. A 0% buyer’s premium is another nice touch in their pursuit to keep collectors happy. In business since 1983, the Maumee, OH is always on the lookout for collections to auction and customers to serve so be sure and check them out!

Buyer’s Premium: 0%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter:

Kevin Savage Auctions Logo


Lelands is nothing short of a powerhouse in the sports card and memorabilia world. Founder Joshua Leland Evans and his team of experts at Lelands possess a massive amount of knowledge that helps deliver a top-notch auction for collectors. “Impressive” doesn’t begin to describe some of the collections that Lelands has handled over the years. This company continues to leave its mark on the hobby day in and day out.

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @Lelandsdotcom

Lelands Auctions Logo

Love of the Game

Longtime hobbyist Al Crisafulli has been a collector for more than 30 years and has used that knowledge to build one of the best sports card auctions in the hobby. Crisafulli is well-known in the industry having been editor and publisher of Collector Magazine and authoring several hobby-related articles.  Memorabilia, autographs, graded and un-graded vintage sports cards…you name it, you can find it at Love of the Game Auctions!

Buyer’s Premium: 20% unless you pay by cash, check, or money order then you will receive a 2% discount thus paying 18%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @LOTGAuctions

Love of the Game Auctions Logo


Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services (MEARS) is well-known in the industry and offers military, Americana, pop culture and sports items up for bid in each of its monthly auctions. The Wisconsin-based company has built quite a reputation of service and quality experience that sports collectors all over have come to appreciate. You’ll find mostly game-used and autographed sports memorabilia in MEARS auctions but you can also find nice cards as well so be on the lookout!

Buyer’s Premium: 22.5% for payment with credit card and PayPal. If you pay by cashiers check, money order, wire transfer or check within 10 days of receipt of invoice a 2.5% discount can be applied to net a buyers premium of 20%. Payments AFTER 10 days by these methods cannot apply the 2.5% discount.

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Facebook: Mears Online Auctions

MEARS Sports Auctions Logo

Memory Lane

Based out of Tustin, CA, Memory Lane has quickly become a well-known and trusted leader in the vintage sports card hobby. Some of the most sought after and highest quality cards routinely come up for bid in Memory Lane auctions. I’ve used Memory Lane several times to add high grade Koufax cards to my personal collection and have always had a great experience. For buyers, they’ll send out a very nice full color catalog prior to each of their auctions for you to sift through which adds to the fun!

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @MemoryLaneInc

Memory Lane Auctions Logo

Mile High

Brian Drent established the Mile High Card Company in Denver in 1996. Today, it is one of the most widely-recognized sports card auction houses in the hobby. Known for offering a wide variety of high-grade vintage 1888 to 1970 baseball cards, Mile High also frequently offers other sports cards up for bid, too. They’re also a strong advertiser in many publications and with strong attendance at major trade shows.

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @milehighcard

Mile HIgh Card Company Auctions Logo


Paragon Auctions prides itself in offering some of the finest sports memorabilia up for for auction but you’ll also find great sports cards, too. Working tirelessly to serve collectors, Paragon will travel all over the country in search of the finest items to place in its auctions. You’ll always find top quality sports memorabilia at Paragon Auctions but sports card collectors definitely should keep an eye out for fantastic graded and ungraded cards as well!

Buyer’s Premium: 15%

Seller Fees: Ranges between 7.5% and 15% depending on the value of your item.

Follow On Twitter:

Paragon Auctions Logo


Founded by Gary Engel in 1988, Prestige Collectibles is known as the world’s leading buyer and seller of vintage Japanese baseball cards and memorabilia. Now owned and operated by Robert Klevens of Lauderhill, FL, Prestige Collectibles hasn’t skipped a beat. Klevens once ran Tokyo’s largest card shop so the expertise in Japanese cards is still alive and well at Prestige Collectibles–if you’re looking for Japanese cards, this is the auction for you!

Buyer’s Premium: 15%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @prestigejapanbb

Prestige Collectibles Auctions Logo


Owned and operated by Jared and Camilla Kavlie, Pristine Auction has been in operation since 2010. Specializing in autographed memorabilia, sports cards and collectibles, the company operates with a strong sense of family values. They offer daily, weekly and monthly auctions so there is no doubt that they are very active in the business. You can expect nothing less than a top-notch auction experience with Pristine Auctions.

Buyer’s Premium: 16%

Seller Fees: 15% with a minimum commission of $5 per lot. In some cases, lower consignment fees are available.

Follow On Twitter: @PristineAuction

Pristine Auctions Logo

Robert Edwards Auctions

In the business for over 30 years, Robert Edward Auctions offers some of the best sports cards and memorabilia for auction that you’ll ever see. Known for specializing in high-end items, their auctions are also very large and can feature thousands of items at once. REA has built its reputation as being one of the most solid in the business by offering collectors an efficient and trustworthy experience time after time. If you are a serious collector, REA is an auction company you can rely on to build a top collection!

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @REAOnline

Robert Edwad Auctions Logo


David Kohler founded SCP Auctions in 1979 and has since built the company into a powerhouse in the sports cards and memorabilia industry. From Babe Ruth game-used items to T-206 Honus Wagner cards, the material that SCP Auctions has handled over the years is jaw-dropping. Their staff of experts continue to provide collectors with solid auction experiences time after time, further cementing their legacy as a leader in the hobby. You will not be disappointed with the amount and quality of items up for bid at SCP Auctions!

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @SCPAuctions

SCP Auctions Logo


Owner Bobby Poll and his staff bring more than 50 years of combined experience to SIG Auctions making it a solid and reputable name in the hobby. Because Poll is so well-known in the world of quality autographs (he’s even written three extensive books on the subject), their auctions are packed with autographed memorabilia and cards. As a card collector, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on SIG Auctions to pick up quality items for your collection.

Buyer’s Premium: 18% if paid by cash, check, money order, or wire transfer and 22% otherwise

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @Sigauctions

SIG Auctions Logo


Consistency is king at Sirius Sports Cards. Every two weeks Sirius auctions outstanding graded vintage sports cards worthy of the best collections. Their low buyer’s premium of 12.5% is also tough to beat making the appeal of Sirius auctions even stronger. Apart from their auctions they even offer hundreds of fixed price items in their online store. The amount of quality items that Sirius is able to offer so frequently is impressive. I’ve purchased cards from Sirius for my Koufax collection and have been very happy!

Buyer’s Premium: 12.5%

Seller Fees: Variable from -3.5% (yes, -3.5%) to 15% depending on the hammer price

Follow On Twitter: @SiriusCards

Sirius Sports Card Auctions Logo


SportsCardLink offers a unique experience for sports card collectors with is combination online auction house and exchange service. Vintage collectors will love the plentiful amounts of cards to search through–and you can set up your own watchlist, too, to receive alerts when specific cards are for sale. I’ve used SportsCardLink before to purchase several of my Koufax cards and have enjoyed the experience. New cards are added constantly so be sure and keep an eye on this website!

Buyer’s Premium: 

Seller Fees: As low as 0%

Follow On Twitter: @SportsCardLink

SportsCardLink Auctions Logo

Sterling Sports Auctions

Owner Lee Behrens brings over 20 years of experience as a hobbyist and card shop owner to Sterling Sports Auctions. A nice feature is that you can also pay via Paypal which isn’t an option you see too often for a buyer. Both novice and advanced collectors are sure to pick up some great items for their collections in their monthly auctions.

Buyer’s Premium: 16% if paid by cash, check or money order and 18% by other methods.

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter:

Sterling Sports Auctions Logo

Vintage Sports Authentics

Based out of Maple Grove, MN, Vintage Sports Authentics offers an extensive amount of sports memorabilia and cards for serious collectors. While game-used and autographed sports memorabilia are the primary focus at Vintage Sports Authentics, you can also find high quality sports cards. And if you can’t find it in their auctions, they have a nice “Wish List” feature that you can use where they’ll utilize their connections and network to track down that elusive card you’re hunting offline.

Buyer’s Premium: 20%

Seller Fees: Variable

Follow On Twitter: @VSAauctions

Vintage Sports Authentics sports card auctions logo

Sports Card Auctions Wrap-Up

As you can see, there is no shortage of sports card auctions out there.

And that’s a great sign for the hobby. More auctions means more active buyers, sellers, and collectors to keep the hobby going strong.

Each of the auctions on this list is a strong option that you’ll want to utilize when building out your collection. Over time you’ll find a few favorites that you can stick with and develop strong relationships.

If you’d like to know anymore about any individual auction we’ve provided links to each of their websites that will allow you to easily access their contact info.

And if you have any comments or suggestions about this list, we’d be happy to hear them!

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